English Learner Services

The purpose of the White Bear Lake Area Schools English Learner Program is to help develop children's Standard American English skills to a level where they can succeed in their mainstream classrooms.

English Learner Staff

Birch Lake Elementary - Caryn Bernier 
Lakeaires Elementary - Thomas Tesch
Lincoln Elementary - Allie Bedore
Matoska -  Allie Bedore                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      North Star- Alycia Meier
Oneka - Alycia Meier
Otter Lake - Allie Bedore
Vadnais Heights - Karla Booth and Clare Kazmierczak
Willow Lane - Lubna Abu-Sharkh 

Central Middle School - Rachel Garcia
Sunrise Park Middle School - Kristina DeNucci 
North Campus - Cindi Swenson
South Campus - Robert Anderson
Area Learning Center (ALC) - Robert Anderson

Elementary Administration - Julian Stanke
Middle School Administration - Christina Pierre
High School Administration - Carrie Barth

District Administrator - Ayan Ibrahim