Providing important supports that enable students to learn.

Bullying Prevention

It is the responsibility of all in the school community to work together to create safe, nurturing and inspiring environments. The White Bear Lake Area School District strives to ensure social and emotional growth of our students in a safe learning environment.

English Learner

Students whose primary language is not English may receive services to assist in the acquisition of the English language. Participation in the program helps children develop Standard American English skills so they can succeed in their mainstream classrooms.

Health Services

Health Services works district-wide to create and sustain a school environments that promote and support student achievement, health, and well-being. Nursing teams work together at the schools to provide health-related services to students.

Indian Education

The Indian Education Program offers resources and support services to our Native American students, families and district staff members. Academic/non academic services and opportunities are offered to students while fostering cultural identity and pride.

Language Services

We work with students, families, and staff to increase student and parent engagement with various programs and district activities. Latino and Hmong and Asian American language services are provided.

Mental Well-Being

The White Bear Lake Area Schools Student Support Services Department provides support and resources for student and family well-being. Initiatives that are available throughout the district include newsletters, resource share-outs and monthly well-being events.

Sustainability Efforts

The district strives to provide good stewardship and responsible management through sustainability initiatives that take place throughout  the district, including an Energy Efficiency Program, a Waste Reduction & Recycling Program, and Water Conservation.

Title I

Title I supports students in schools with the greatest concentration of low-income families in meeting the State Standards, emphasizing high academic standards in an effort to help students succeed academically and reach grade level performance expectations.

Wellness Program

The Wellness Program and Wellness Committee are committed to the health and wellness of its students, teachers, and staff. Committee membership represents all school buildings, district-wide departments and community members.