Health & Immunization Information

Minnesota School Immunization Law - Minnesota Statutes Section 121A.15 and Minnesota Rules Chapter 4604 requires that each student enrolled in and remaining in an early childhood program, elementary school or secondary school, must submit a record stating that they have received immunizations consistent with medically accepted standards. Immunization records from parents or health care provider stating the month, day, and year of each dose are acceptable. If the student meets one of the legal exemptions: contraindication for medical reasons or contraindication for conscientiously held beliefs, the health care provider or notary needs to sign an appropriate exemption.

All students in the district must comply with Minnesota School Immunization Laws, which state that all immunizations must be up to date prior to the start of the school year.

Click here for a copy of the Immunization Form. Download & have signed by doctor.

Exceptions include Medical Exemption and Conscientious Exemption.

The following vaccines are required for all students enrolled in Early Childhood programming:

  • Hepatitis A - one dose

  • Hepatitis B - three doses

  • DTaP - four doses

  • Polio - three doses

  • MMR - one dose

  • Hib - one dose

  • Varicella - one dose