Teaching and Learning

Supporting the district's goal of enhancing student learning and advocacy.

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The Office of Teaching and Learning also encompasses the following departments:


Dr. Alison Gillespie
Asst. Superintendent for Teaching and Learning
(651) 407-7567
Carol Bacon
Admin. Asst. to Asst. Superintendent
(651) 407-7568
Jennifer Babiash
Director of Teaching & Learning
(651) 407-7579
Cynthia Mueller
Principal on Special Assignment
(651) 407-7573
Janel VanArragon
Teaching & Learning Coordinator (TOSA)
(651) 407-7581
Kelly Trivett
Admin Asst. of Teaching and Learning
(651) 407-7575
Brenton Shavers
Director of Educational Equity & Achievement
(651) 407-7683
Ayan Ibrahim
Assistant Director of Educational Equity & Achievement
(651) 407-7559
Lisa Ouren
Director of Student Support Services
(651) 407-7552
Elin Harvey-Carlson
Admin. Assistant to the Director of Student Support Services
(651) 407-7553
Steve Asper
Director of Technology & Innovation
(651) 407-7638
Sara Florin
Assistant Director of Technology & Innovation, District Assessment Coordinator
(651) 407-7681