Student Support Services

Providing support for families and students to ensure each child is reaching their fullest potential.

Student Support Services Overview

Offering support to students and families during their pre-K-12+ student career in the following areas:

Support Hub

The Support Hub serves as a place for families and community members to access information they may need for essential services. This support provides important information regarding crisis services, basic needs, mental health and well-being, physical health, social emotional learning and more.

Upcoming Opportunities


Join the Google Meet link HERE:

Presenters: Sara McGrath-Daly & Kadi Groppoli, Occupational Therapists in WBLAS

If you require accommodations please reach out to Student Support Services at 651-407-7558

Topic: Making Sense of Your Senses

School, home, and community environments engage our senses in a variety of ways. A majority of the time, our brains are able to process and accommodate environmental sensations. Other times, you may notice feeling over or underwhelmed. Children experience these same feelings. We all have varying sensory tolerances and preferences. We all use strategies to modulate our sensory regulation. Join us for a conversation about sensory processing that will focus on strategies and tools to assist regulation, as well as free resources to explore for you or your child's unique needs.

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