Student Records & Transcripts

District 624 maintains records of all withdrawn and graduated students since 1889. Transcripts are provided to students, schools, post-secondary institutions, the military and employers at the student's request. 

A transcript is legal proof of graduation. Copies of diplomas are not available.  We typically process transcripts and student records on a daily basis, but our assured turn around time is three days.

Request a Transcript

Current WBLAHS and ALC students

Process through which current students (current WBLAHS and ALC students, through August 1 following graduation) may request transcripts:

Please allow 5 school days to process.

Alumni, Former Students or Third Party Providers

Process through which alumni, former students or third party providers may request transcripts:

Questions about obtaining alumni and former student records should be directed to the main district office at 651-407-7500 x7674