Attendance Boundaries Process

Adjusting district attendance boundaries to accommodate student enrollment and to best utilize new/expanded facilities.

The Process

The District’s Comprehensive Facilities Plan currently being implemented was funded by the successful 2019 bond referendum as well as long-term facilities maintenance revenue. The plan includes capacity additions to several elementary schools, a new elementary school in Hugo, and the conversion of the current White Bear Lake Area High School - South Campus to a middle school. These comprehensive changes necessitate the need for adjustments to attendance boundaries for all elementary and middle schools.

A steering committee made up of district staff has been meeting since May to develop a variety of proposals. The next step is to engage stakeholders to provide feedback and recommendations. 

Public meetings took place on  December 2 and 15 at Otter Lake Elementary (northern elementaries meeting) and District Center (southern elementaries meeting), with parents and staff serving as stakeholders from each district building.  The stakeholder committee will be divided into two teams, one analyzing boundaries for northern elementaries and one analyzing boundaries for southern elementaries. Both north and south teams will be analyzing middle school boundaries. As Lincoln and Birch Lake Elementary are centrally located, they will have representation on each team.  

All committee materials will be posted on this site throughout the process and members of the public may attend the meetings to observe.

A survey was open for input through an extended deadline .  All stakeholders were encouraged to review the draft plans and provide feedback on strengths, considerations, and recommendations.

The Attendance Boundary Design Framework

Maps of 2022-23 and 2023-24 Attendance Boundaries

The recommended attendance boundaries discussed at the Jan. 24, 2022 Board Work Session (pictured below and included in the School Board Presentation) were approved at the Feb. 14, 2022 School Board Regular Meeting.

The district's changed attendance boundaries will be implemented in two phases:
  • Phase One - 2022-23 school year
    • Oneka and North Star Elementary Schools
    • Middle Schools
  • Phase Two - 2023-24 school year
    • Remaining Elementary Schools (Birch Lake, Lakeaires, Lincoln, Matoska, Otter Lake, Vadnais Heights, Willow Lane)

The attendance Lookup Tool below can be used to find the 2022-23 and 2023-24 School Year Attendance Areas for individual addresses in the district.

The maps below show the phased changes to the attendance boundaries.

Click on the photos to see PDF files that can be enlarged.

2022-23 Elementary Attendance Boundaries

2023-24 Elementary Attendance Boundaries

Questions? Find a current Q&A doc here.