Assessment & Achievement

Maximizing student academic growth through instructional improvement, curriculum and program changes, and academic supports.


Purpose of our Assessments


  • to provide a means for teachers to adjust instruction to meet the needs of their students.
  • to provide an analysis of student achievement and growth in line with Minnesota Academic Standards;
  • to provide meaningful information to the parent, student and teacher so that educational plans can be developed based on the needs of the individual learner;
  • to assist administrators and teachers in setting instructional priorities for groups or individuals within the school and/or district.


  • to screen students for special programs such as Gifted and Talented, Special Education, English Learning;
  • to assist in identifying students for a more in-depth assessment of needs and/or intervention support;
  • to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in the scope and sequence of our curriculum, facilitating changes in curriculum and strategic planning.


  • to provide parents with information about the achievement levels and growth of their students.
  • to report to parents, teachers, students, district staff, school board, and community members the status of student learning.



Brian Morris
Assessment-Accountability Coordinator
District Center
Teaching and Learning
School: (651) 407-7573