Leading Minds to Learning, Hearts to Compassion, and Lives to Community Service

White Bear Lake Area Schools, a leader in innovative education and community partnerships, building quality lives and strong communities through compassion, integrity, respect, responsibility and service. Our academic program help students learn to be critical thinkers, communicators, learners, and responsible citizens.


Early Childhood


Middle School

High School

Annual Report

The District’s Annual Update, mailed to all district residents each year, provides a snapshot of the District, including student achievement, school climate, student awards, innovation, finance, District profile, School Board and partnerships.

Assessment & Achievements

The district continually reviews what students are taught and how they are taught. Student performance, as shown by a variety of assessment results, guides the district in deciding what needs to be done so that all students can be successful. 


The Advancement Via Individual Determination program is a nationally recognized approach to ensuring all students are successful in a rigorous curriculum, closing the achievement gap by preparing students for college readiness and success.

Gifted Services

The District offers gifted services for students in grades K-12. The purpose of the program is to provide a differentiated, enriched, academic environment that enables children with exceptional ability to reach their full potential.

Special Education

A comprehensive program is available for students with disabilities from birth through age 21. Services facilitate each student reaching their potential through partnerships that promote life-long learning, independence and self-advocacy.

World's Best Workforce

Our World’s Best Workforce plan is our continuing long term goal of increasing student performance, focused on the strategies and initiatives that the district engaged in to meet the goals and the progress made on those goals in the prior school year.

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), currently authorized as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015, is a federal legislation that promotes student achievement through school and district reform. Under ESSA, state academic standards are in place indicating what a child should know and learn at each grade level in math, science, social studies, physical education and reading/language arts. In addition, Minnesota standards for English language development are the current standards developed by World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) Consortium.