Strategic Plan & Mission

Writing the District's story with the help of students, guardians, staff and community members through Strategic Planning.

At the August 8, 2022 Regular Meeting, the White Bear Lake Area School Board heard an update of the District's Strategic Planning process and approved four updated strategies:

  • We will create and sustain a safe, equitable and nurturing environment.
  • We will promote, encourage and support students' personal learning experiences and aspirations.
  • We will ensure our organization continuously transforms to fulfill our mission.
  • We will establish healthy and vital engagement with our entire community.

The Board action came after a committee consisting of approximately 30 community members and school district representatives gathered in June to examine the District’s Strategic Plan. The planning team affirmed the Strategic Plans' beliefs, objectives, mission, and parameters. The group also considered the concept of strategic emergence as it developed new strategies that will be the District's focus moving forward.

Throughout September and October, Action Teams formed and developed action plans for each of the four new strategies listed above. A fifth team developed student-centered Foundation of Success elements, with the process identifying skills and competencies vital to students’ eventual postsecondary success and engagement.

The 30-member planning team reconvened in early-November to discuss the action plans that had been developed.  At the December 12, 2022 School Board Regular meeting, the Board approved the four strategies and action plan specific results developed for the Strategic Plan.

At the April 10, 2023 School Board Regular meeting, the Board approved the Foundation of Success. This framework will be used to help us achieve systemic alignment to ensure that we provide educational experiences that are designed to develop skills defined by the learned attributes of fundamental learning, flexible and critical thinking, community engagement, character, communication, and teamwork.

graphic of Foundation of Success framework

Prior to the updates that took place during the 2022-23 school year, the district’s Strategic Plan was most recently updated in 2019, after a full process with more than 200 volunteers that took place during the 2017-18 academic year.

District Mission

The mission of the White Bear Lake Area School District, the community at the forefront of educational excellence, honoring our legacy and courageously building the future, is to ensure each student realizes their unique talents and abilities, and makes meaningful contributions with local and global impact through a vital system distinguished by:

  • Students who design and create their own future
  • A culture that respects diverse people and ideas
  • Safe, nurturing and inspiring experiences
  • Exceptional staff and families committed to student success
  • Abundant and engaged community partners

District Strategic Plan

Site-Level Strategic Plans

During the 2018-19 academic year, each building and program replicated the process to create site-level strategic plans linked below.