Meeting Materials

Meeting agendas are posted in the designated posting location at District Center prior to each meeting. Meeting materials are posted on the website here as available.

If you have any questions about meeting materials, please contact Rachael Markuson at 651-407-7563.

*The November 28, School Board meeting will be held in-person and viewable online.

The livestream link can be found here.

Livestream login information:

  • District Staff - If prompted, login with your isd624 username and password.
  • Members of the public - Login with:

+During Regular School Board meetings Public Forum will be open for up to 30 minutes (3 minutes per speaker, 10 minutes per topic, no more than 3 speakers per topic). Speakers are encouraged to avoid repeating comments that other speakers have made. Those who wish to address the School Board must submit a written request to speak before 3:00 pm on the day of the School Board meeting. Requests must be submitted to the following email address:, or by phone at 651-407-7563. 

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