Update on secondary return to Hybrid Learning Model

Good afternoon families,

As we transition our elementary students back in the buildings, we have continued our work to bring secondary students back to in-person learning as well. 

The COVID-19 situation at the local and county levels have played a large part in the district’s ability to bring secondary students back. We are now seeing the rates trend downward, and rates are projected to continue moving this direction. Other positive developments include the COVID-19 testing plan for staff as well as the State’s stepped-up effort to vaccinate school staff in the coming weeks.

Following the state’s updated Safe Learning Plan, and in consultation with our Regional Support Team (MDE/MDH), we look forward to returning middle school and high school students to our buildings in a Hybrid 2.0 Learning Model beginning Feb. 22. The new model will have some similarities to the Hybrid Learning Model from the beginning of the school year, but we are confident that some distinct differences of this 2.0 version will better serve our students.


  • Feb. 18 & 19 - Transition Days for Grades 6-12 
    No School Days for 6-12 students, Work Days for 6-12 staff members, and Normal In Session School Days for K-5 students

  • Feb. 22 - Grades 6-12 return to Hybrid 2.0 Learning Model 
    Those students who are scheduled for in-person learning on Mondays will attend in person, those who are scheduled to be home on Mondays will login from home


Distance Learning
Families who feel that distance learning meets their needs better than the Hybrid 2.0 Learning Model have the option to continue in distance learning. Students who continue in the Distance Learning Model will be required to log in every day for synchronous learning. 

Principals will send more information later this week about how to submit a request to change from the learning model your child was in during the Fall (Hybrid or Distance Learning).

Hybrid 2.0 Learning Model
The Hybrid 2.0 Learning Model will have similarities to the Hybrid Learning Model from the beginning of the school year, with some distinct differences. Some important elements of the Hybrid 2.0 Learning Model include:

  • Students will have synchronous learning every day. Students will log in to the class period from home on their “at home” days.

  • Friday will be a shortened synchronous learning day at home. 

  • Students in grades 6-12 will attend school in-person on the same school/home weekly schedule they had in the fall. 

    • Students with last names beginning with A-K will attend school in-person on Monday and Wednesday. 

    • Students with last names beginning L-Z will attend school in-person on Tuesday and Thursday.

    • Students from the same family who have different last names will attend in-person on the days corresponding with the student last name that occurs earliest in the alphabet.

  • Those students who are currently receiving in-person specialized services will remain in their current in-person schedule

  • Schools will communicate specific schedule information with families in the coming days.

Middle School Tier 1 and FLEX Middle School Program
Currently registered families will not need to re-register for the Middle School Tier 1 and FLEX Program programs in this new learning model. The Community Services & Recreation team will work with each family to appropriately adjust their contracts. Further information will be communicated to our registered families by the Community Services & Recreation team. Additional details can be found on the 2020-21 School-Age Care Information page of the district website.

(for families of middle school and high school students returning to in-person learning)

Transporting students safely to school is a significant challenge for the district during these times. State guidance of six feet of social distancing required between the driver and students is no longer required between the student riders. We will make every effort to maintain the recommended 3 feet of distance between non-family members, however this will depend on the number of riders and bus capacity. To reduce the number of students on buses to a safe level, the walking distances remain 1 mile from school (K-5) or 1.5 mile for grades (6-12) students. Families are encouraged to transport their students to school when possible. Students and drivers will wear masks at all times on school buses.

  • Families who qualify for transportation but have not requested it already this year may request busing (for grades 6-12) by completing this Transportation Opt-In Form. Families who do not qualify but who are experiencing hardships can contact the transportation office at 651-653-2734 to appeal.

  • Those who were transported during the Hybrid model will not need to request transportation again and do not need to complete the form. After February 17th, please verify students' transportation information in Skyward. Students will now be able to ride on their days of in-person school (M/W or T/Th).

Bus information in Skyward available February 17.
(for families of middle school and high school students returning to in-person learning in Hybrid 2.0 Learning Model)
If you register your student for busing by February 15, your student will be assigned to a bus and be able to start riding on February 22. If you register for busing after the 15th, please allow up to two weeks for your student to be assigned to a bus. Those who qualify and opt in to receive bus transportation will find the following information listed in their students’ Skyward Family Access account on February 17: Student Transportation and Bus Stops Information, AM and PM bus numbers, stop locations, and times. In Skyward, the Bus Tab is located in the menu on the left hand side of the Family Access dashboard. If you have requested a change in your student’s transportation, please allow 3-5 business days for the change to be processed. The Transportation Department will contact you once the request is processed.

Families who have any transportation-related questions are asked to call Transportation at   651-653-2734 or email transportation@isd624.org.


Additional school- and program-specific information will be shared with families by individual principals in the coming days and weeks. 

Thank you for your continued support and partnership as we continue to navigate the 2020-21 school year.

Dr. Wayne Kazmierczak, Superintendent