School Board Policy 999 -

Adopted: may 12, 2014
Revised: July 12, 2021

I. Purpose 

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for partnering with entities that provide academic, supplemental services and enrichment opportunities for students.

II. General Statement of Policy 

The School Board encourages the development, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive student, parent, family, school and community partnership initiative. The District will provide clear definitive roles of the various partners. The District will provide administrative leadership and vision, staff development and practices that are compatible with the beliefs outlined in this document. All partners agree to abide by district policies, including but not limited to policies addressing data privacy, discrimination, technology, drugs, alcohol and tobacco use, bullying and harassment.

III. Definitions 

A. Partnership: A relationship between the district and a non-district entity intended to have multiple contacts during the year or over multiple years, in which the connection results in benefits to the district that may or may not be possible without the partnership. Partnerships are intended to provide academic, enrichment, or supplemental services for students. All partnerships must be consistent with the mission of the district. This definition excludes enrichment field trips arranged as part of a class or student organization.

B. White Bear Lake Area Schools does not define a partnership as:

  • An arrangement made by the District with a third party to deliver one or more services on its behalf. This is a contract for services.
    Example: Contracted transportation services with an outside company or carrier.
  • An intra-district collaboration involving school-to-school, program-to- program, or school-to-program partnering.
    Example: High school students mentoring middle school students, academic enrichment courses being offered through Youth Enrichment, or student service projects for the senior center.
  • School or program volunteers who serve in an individual capacity.
    Example: An individual who serves as a reading buddy for a particular School.

IV. Partnership Oversight

On an annual basis the superintendent or designee will do the following:

A. Update the list of existing partnerships.

B. Ensure all partners are in compliance with the partnership procedures identified in Addendum A.

C. Review and approve applications for new partnerships.

D. Review existing partnerships to evaluate the benefit(s) to students.

E. Make changes as needed to improve existing partnerships, and take action to dissolve unproductive partnerships.

F. Maintain a list of organizational needs for future partnership exploration.