School Board Policy 904 Addendum A - Guidelines for Distribution of Political or Campaign Literature

Adopted: november 19, 1973
REVISED: october 24, 1994
revised: october 9, 1995
revised: december 13, 2010
revised: may 8, 2017
Revised: March 4, 2024

1. Political literature will not be distributed in a school, unless it is used as teaching material and is included in the curriculum for that course.

2. Campaign literature shall not be placed in school personnel’s school mailboxes, unless it is mailed through regular postal service.

3. Candidates or their agents may pass out campaign literature on school district grounds only during nonschool hours and only if distributed outside of the areas where a school sponsored event is scheduled and with prior notification and approval to the building’s principal or administrator.

If the principal or administrator believes the content of the literature is in violation of school district policy or is otherwise not in the best interest of the school district, the request shall be referred to the School Board for approval. The principal or administrator shall give written acknowledgement of the notice and a statement that the request has been referred to the School Board for approval. This guideline does not apply to (a) candidate open forums or (b) nonschool activities or groups, individuals, or organizations utilizing the school facilities on a facility use permit when distributing literature to those who attend their meetings or events.

4. The School Board reserves its authority under law to give or withhold consent for any school activity or program and to give or withhold consent for the distribution of literature, according to its judgment as to whether a given activity, program or the distribution of literature is beneficial and in the best interest of the district and the students of the district.