School Board Policy 706 -
Acceptance of Gifts

Adopted: april 28, 1997
REVISED: february 9, 2015
revised: july 16, 2018
Reviewed: April 11, 2022

I. Purpose 

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the acceptance of gifts by the School Board.

II. General Statement of Policy

The policy of this school district is to accept gifts only in compliance with state law.

III. Acceptance of Gifts Generally 

The School Board may receive, for the benefit of the school district, bequests, donations or gifts for any proper purpose. The School Board shall have the sole authority to determine whether any gift or any precondition, condition, or limitation on use included in a proposed gift furthers the interests of or benefits the school district and whether it should be accepted or rejected.

IV. Gifts of Real or Personal Property 

The School Board may accept a gift, grant or devise of real or personal property only by the adoption of a resolution approved by two-thirds of its members. The resolution must fully describe any conditions placed on the gift. The real or personal property so accepted may not be used for religious or sectarian purposes.

V. Administration in Accordance with Terms 

If the School Board agrees to accept a bequest, donation, gift, grant or devise which contains preconditions, conditions or limitations on use, the School Board shall attempt to administer it in accordance with the intent of the termsOnce accepted, a gift shall be the property of the school district unless otherwise provided in the agreed upon terms.

Legal References: 
Minn. Stat. § 123B.402, Subd. 6 (Bequests, Donations, Gifts)
Minn. Stat. § 465.03 (Gifts to Municipalities)