School Board Policy 620 -
Credit for Learning


Adopted: may 26, 1998  REVISED: august 27, 2001 revised: january 10, 2011 
revised: june 10, 2017 

I. Purpose 

The purpose of this policy is to recognize student achievement that meets White Bear Lake Area School District required curriculum, standards, and graduation requirements. The experiences include, but are not limited to, student achievement in other schools, alternative learning sites, Postsecondary Enrollment Options and concurrent enrollment programs.

II. General Statement of Policy 

The school district will develop and provide processes and procedures by which students may meet a curriculum credit requirement, whether the district offers the credit within its curriculum, or the student accomplishes the work in another learning environment. The school district will provide a process for approving the transfer of credits or curriculum standards completed in another Minnesota school district, for recognition of work completed in other schools and postsecondary institutions, and for recognition of previous learning, community and work experiences as demonstrated by the student through assessment. This is a process to allow students who, through other means, have mastered content and can move on to other areas of study.

III. Transfer of Content Standards 

A. The school district will transfer high school credits achieved in earlier grades or in other schools, in on credit-based programs that meet district curriculum and graduation requirements, to the student’s record upon admission or completion of the experience.

B. When a student transfers into the school district from another Minnesota public school district, any credits completed in the sending school district, along with scores recorded by the sending district, shall be recorded as completed with a notation indicating the identity of the school district from which the records are transferred.

C. Students shall be advised of the opportunities available to complete further requirements and electives.

D. The school district will determine a transferring student’s grade level placement, as well as the letter grade assigned for completed courses, and credits granted toward diploma requirements in accordance with district procedures.

IV. Recognition of Completed Work 

A. The school district will equate high school or postsecondary level credits completed by students in other schools into equivalent course credits.

B. The district may formally evaluate other learning experiences to declare that a transfer student meets or exceeds a specific academic standard requirement or course credit.

C. Students must receive prior approval from the district for any courses to be completed outside the district for credits towards graduation.

The district will determine the awarding of the course credit and the letter grade assigned to that credit. The district does not cover expenses of related courses identified in this section.

V. Credit by Assessment 

A. The school district will provide students in grades 9-12 with the opportunity to receive course credit by assessment provided such experiences meet current Minnesota academic standards.

B. The superintendent or designee shall establish a procedure by which student achievement and competence in content standards will be assessed.

VI. Postsecondary and Concurrent Enrollment Credit 

A student who satisfactorily completes a Postsecondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) or concurrent enrollment course or program under Minn. Stat. § 124D.09 that has been approved by the district as meeting the necessary requirements will be granted credits that count toward graduation and credit requirements.

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Cross References: 
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