School Board Policy 606 -
Selection and Review of Instructional Texts and Materials

Adopted: september 8, 1997
REVISED: june 11, 2001
revised: may 9, 2005
revised: december, 2012
revised: june 10, 2013
Revised: May 10, 2021

I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide direction for selection of instructional texts and materials.

II. General Statement of Policy

The School Board recognizes that selection of instructional texts and materials is a vital component of the school district’s curriculum. The School Board also recognizes that it has the authority to make final decisions on selection of all instructional texts and materials.

III. Responsibility of Selection

A. While the School Board retains its authority to make final decisions on the selection of instructional texts and materials, the School Board recognizes the expertise of the professional staff and the vital need of such staff to be involved in the recommendation of instructional texts and materials. Accordingly, the School Board delegates its related authority to the superintendent or the superintendent's designee. The School Board shall regularly look to the superintendent for an accounting of the application of that authority.

B. In reviewing instructional texts and materials during the selection process, the professional staff shall select materials which:

1. support the academic standards of the education programs;

2. consider the needs, age and maturity of students;

3. foster respect and appreciation for cultural diversity and varied opinion;

4. fit within the constraints of the school district budget; and

5. are in the English language. Another language may be used, pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 124D.61 or for reading materials assigned for a world language course.

6. permit grade-level instruction for students to read and study America’s founding documents, including documents that contributed to the foundation or maintenance of America’s representative form of limited government, the Bill of Rights, our free-market economic system, and patriotism; and

7. do not censor or restrain instruction in American or Minnesota state history or heritage based on religious references in original source documents, writings, speeches, proclamations, or records.

C. The superintendent or superintendent's designee shall be responsible for developing procedures and guidelines to establish an orderly process for the review and recommendation of instructional texts and materials by the professional staff. Such procedures and guidelines shall provide opportunity for input and consideration of the views of students, parents and other interested members of the school district community. This procedure shall be coordinated with the school district’s curriculum development effort and may utilize advisory committees.

IV. Selection and Review of Instructional Texts and Materials

A. The superintendent or superintendent's designee shall be responsible for keeping the School Board informed of progress on the part of staff and others involved in the instructional texts and materials review and selection process.

V. Request for Review of Instructional  Texts and Materials 

A. The School Board recognizes there can be differences of opinion within the school district community relating to certain areas of the instructional program. The school district will provide a process for district families and/or community members to request a review of select instructional texts or other materials.

B. The superintendent or superintendent's designee shall be responsible for the development of guidelines and procedures to identify the steps to be followed to seek reconsideration of instructional texts or other materials.

Appendix A - Material Review Process
Appendix B - Form
Appendix C - Controversial Issues

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Cross References:
WBLASB Policy 603 (Curriculum Development)
WBLASB Policy 604 (Instructional Curriculum)