School Board Policy 541 -
Tutoring of Students

Adopted: january 10, 2011
Revised: December 13, 2021

I. Purpose

The School Board believes that every student should be encouraged and supported to achieve academic excellence. In order to meet this goal, the district is committed to providing students with targeted instruction as this need arises.

II. Definitions

A. “Paid tutor” refers to an instructor or other employee who gives additional, special, or remedial instruction to students, and receives some financial remuneration for tutoring, from any source, which could include the student, the student’s family, the School District, or a third party.

B. “Tutor” means an instructor or other employee who gives additional, special, or remedial instruction to students.

C. “Volunteer tutor” is an instructor or other employee who gives additional, special, or remedial instruction to students at no cost to the student, to the student’s family, or to the district, and who receives no financial remuneration for tutoring.

III. General Procedures

White Bear Lake Area School District recognizes that tutorial help can be provided in many ways, some of which are appropriate, and some of which are perceived as a “conflict of interest” and should be avoided.

A. In making a professional judgment, teachers should be governed by other school district policies, and by the Code of Ethics for Minnesota Teachers, which provides, in part: “A teacher shall not use professional relationships with students, parents, and colleagues, to private advantage”. (8700.7500 subpart 2 E)

B. Other employees should be governed by the same expectations described in III A.

C. Tutoring instruction provided to students who are assigned to an employee’s daytime class for private pay before or after regular duty hours is prohibited.

D. Provision of paid tutoring to students who are not assigned to an employee’s class during the regular duty day raises fewer conflicts of interest or other ethical questions, but is also subject to the Teacher Code of Ethics.

Provision of paid tutoring to a former student such as might occur in the summer months or in years following regular classroom instruction would be subject to the Teacher Code of Ethics, and to section V of this policy.

IV. Tutoring of White Bear Lake Students at School Sites

A. Volunteer tutoring is permitted in the schools under the direction of the school principal. Volunteer tutors must meet the qualifications in place for all district volunteers.

B. Paid tutoring at school sites is permitted only through the coordination of the School District, either when coordinated by White Bear Lake Area Community Services and Recreation Department or through state supported remediation programs such as Targeted Services. No paid tutoring on school sites is permitted other than those coordinated through the district.

V. Other Considerations

A. An employee is authorized to provide paid tutoring that would otherwise not be acceptable under this policy under the following circumstances:

1. In situations such as homebound instruction, the district is authorized to provide paid tutoring, and the employee is assigned by the principal or other supervisor to provide the tutoring with the added compensation paid to the employee by the District.

2. Other compelling circumstances authorized by the District administration in writing and in advance.

B. Employees who are considering engaging in paid tutoring outside of District-­‐ coordinated tutoring, and anticipate serving students of the School District, are advised to disclose their plans in advance to the employee’s supervisor.

Cross References: 
WBLASB Policy 404 (Employee Background Checks)
WBLASB Policy 515 (Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records)
Code of Ethics for Minnesota Teachers
(Minnesota Rules, 8700.7500)