516.5 - Procedure - Stock Narcan

White Bear Lake Area Schools will obtain and possess Narcan (naloxone) to be maintained and administered by trained school personnel to a student or other individual if it is determined in good faith that person is experiencing an opioid overdose. 

It is the intent of the White Bear Lake Area School District to provide assistance to any person(s) who may be suffering from an opioid overdose following protocols and procedures of the school district. Staff members trained in accordance with the procedure shall make every reasonable effort to include the use of Narcan (naloxone) combined with rescue breaths to revive the victim of any apparent opioid overdose.

Minnesota State Statute 604A.04 “Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention” allows for “A person who is not a healthcare professional who acts in good faith in administering an opiate antagonist to another person whom the person believes in good faith to be suffering a opioid overdose is immune from criminal prosecution for the act and is not liable for any civil damages for acts or omissions resulting from the act.” Additionally, in accordance with this statute, the individual who is seeking assistance and the individual who is experiencing an overdose have a limited immunity from prosecution. 


1. The Building Principal and Licensed School Nurse will identify appropriate staff to be trained at each school site (annually).

2. Training for designated school staff will be conducted annually and will include: 

a. Signs & symptoms of opioid overdose

b. Appropriate administration of Narcan (naloxone)

c. Activation of emergency personnel

d. Notification procedures 

e. Annual update on substance use from school district’s chemical health counselor (LADC)

Notification Procedures:

In the event of Narcan (naloxone) administration and emergency response activation, the following people must be notified:

  • Superintendent
  • Director of Student Support Services
  • Director of Communications
  • Building Principal
  • Licensed School Nurse
  • Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  • School Counselor, as appropriate
  • Parents/guardians


1. Stock Narcan will be clearly labeled and stored in a location that will be secure, but accessible by trained personnel. Specific storage decisions will be made by the Building Principal and Licensed School Nurse at each site.

2. A minimum of three doses of Narcan will be available at each school site, per Minnesota Department of Health recommendations.

3. Stock Narcan will only be available at the schools during typical school hours.  It will not be sent on field trips and it will not be available for activities that occur outside of the typical school day.

4. The District will obtain a standing order for Narcan (naloxone) by a licensed medical prescriber and update it as needed.


1. The Licensed School Nurse and Health Assistant will keep a log to monitor expiration dates.

2. This stock medication will be replaced as needed.  

3. A log will be kept to document who received yearly training. 

a. Health Services staff: Lead LSN

b. Administration and others as designated: school district’s chemical health counselor (LADC)