School Board Policy 510 -
School Activities

Adopted: august 12, 1996
REVISED: june 11, 2001
revised: june 8, 2015
revised: december 10, 2018
revised: December 14, 2020
Revised: January 8, 2024

I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to impart to students, employees and the community the school district's policy related to the student activity program. This policy does not address field trips (refer to Policy 610, Student Field Trips, Fees, and Fines).

II. General Statement of Policy

School activities provide additional opportunities for students to pursue special interests that contribute to their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. They are of secondary importance in relationship to the formal instructional program; however, they complement the instructional program in providing students with additional opportunities for growth and development. School activities, referred to as extra Co-Curricular Activities by the Minnesota State High School League, include:

  1. Competitive athletic activities.

  2. Competitive enrichment activities.

  3. Non-competitive athletic activities.

  4. Non-competitive enrichment activities.

III. Responsibility

A. The School Board expects all students who participate in school-sponsored activities to represent the school and community in a responsible manner. All rules pertaining to student conduct and student discipline extend to school activities.

B. The School Board expects all spectators at school-sponsored activities, including students, parent(s)/guardian(s), employees, and other members of the public, to behave in an appropriate manner at those activities. Students and employees may be subject to discipline and parent(s)/guardian(s) and other spectators may be subject to sanctions for engaging in misbehavior or inappropriate, illegal or unsportsmanlike behavior at these activities or events.

White Bear Lake Schools is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all participants, coaches, officials, and spectators. Sportsmanship and fair play are at the center of education based athletics and activities. We expect spectators to be positive in support of our teams. We are committed to fostering a respectful and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and safe, regardless of their race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ability, home of first language, religion, national origin, age, and/or physical appearance. Any individual or group that demonstrates behaviors that do not support this belief statement are subject to removal from all White Bear Lake Schools events.


1.     Use of artificial noisemakers – examples: megaphones, compressed air horns, duck calls, whistles, cowbells, firecrackers, etc.,

2.    Display of signs, flags, banners and/or placards,

3.    Throwing of objects – examples: silly string, beach balls, confetti makers, baby powder, flour, coins, pop bottles, folded programs etc.,

4.    Use of obscene or abusive language that seeks to offend, intimidate or show prejudice toward a player, cheerleader, official or spectator, including the derogatory use of the names or numbers of opponents,

5.    Being on the premises of a contest while under the influence of or in possession of alcohol or chemicals or in violation of the school’s tobacco free policy, and

6.     Unauthorized entry into any scheduled contest or playing surface.

C. The superintendent or designee shall be responsible for disseminating information needed to inform students, parent(s)/guardian(s), staff and community of the opportunities available within the school activity program and the rules of participation.

D. Those students who participate in Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) activities must also abide by the League rules. Those employees who conduct MSHSL activities shall be responsible for familiarizing students and parent(s)/guardian(s) with all applicable rules, penalties, and opportunities.

E. The superintendent or designee shall be responsible for conducting an annual evaluation of school activity programs and presenting the results and any recommendation to the School Board.

F. The School Board will ensure that any funds raised for extracurricular activities will be spent only on extracurricular activities. 

IV. Student Activity Fees

Activity fees will be established in a manner as provided by law. Fees will be reviewed and set annually by the administration and reviewed by the School Board.

The School Board believes in the benefits derived from participation in district-sponsored activities and supports involvement by all students. Activity fees shall be waived for students whose families qualify for educational benefits. The administration shall establish procedures that ensure proper implementation of this policy provision.

Legal References:
Minn. Stat. §123B.49 (Extracurricular Activities Insurance)

Cross References:
WBLASB Policy 503 (Student Attendance)
WBLASB Policy 506 (Student Discipline)
WBLASB Policy 713 (Student Activity Accounting)