School Board Policy 430 -
Employee/Visitor ID Badge

Adopted:november 11, 1996 REVISED: june 11, 2001

I. Purpose

Staff and visitor identification cards are the primary way for a student to know whether the adult they encounter is authorized to be in the building. All staff members and visitors will be issued and must display an identification card that is supplied by the district.

II. Definition

Identification card is the staff identity card produced by the White Bear Lake Area School District for each staff member. A visitor card will be distributed to building visitors.

III. Process

A. Distribution

Staff - Each staff member will be issued one card at the beginning of each school year. New staff members starting at other times during the year will be issued a card prior to the start of employment.

Visitors - All visitors to the building during the school day will be issued a visitor card to be displayed while in the building or during any activity. Visitors will return their card prior to leaving the building.

B. Staff members must wear their ID badge:

  • when in school building or on school grounds.
  • while accompanying students as a part of an off-grounds district activity.
  • during any official activity as a representative of the school district.

C. If a staff member does not have his/her card available for display under the condition described above, a temporary numbered card will be issued until the card is replaced or recovered.

D. The district may charge to replace any card which was lost at replacement cost level.

E. Cards may be reclaimed by the district administration according to procedures communicated to all employees.

IV. Violations

Disciplinary measures may occur for failure to follow Board policy.