School Board Policy 304 Addendum A - Process Calendar for Evaluation of Superintendent 

adopted: december 1, 1995
revised: February 8, 2016

Superintendent and district objectives shall be reviewed at the July and August regular school board meetings, and shall normally be acted on at the September school board meeting.

The superintendent will provide a self-evaluation to the board no later than August 1 of each year. Upon receipt of the superintendent’s self-evaluation, the chair of the school board will distribute a Superintendent Evaluation template to each board member, and will provide completion and deadline instructions.

The chair will prepare a summary document that contains the numerical averages of scores in each standard under review, along with all comments provided by board members. This summary document will not identify board members’ individual numerical scores for each standard, and will not identify the source of each comment. The superintendent will be provided with a copy of this summary document before the board’s August work-study meeting. The board will meet with the superintendent in closed session at its August work-study meeting to discuss the results of the evaluation.

The chair will prepare a general summary of the evaluation process and the evaluation and will read it in open session at the September regular board meeting. This general summary will not include any of the numerical scores provided by individual board members, nor the average of scores for each of the standards in the evaluation.