School Board Policy 206 Addendum A - Public Forum Speaker Card


ReviEWED: DECEMBER 12, 2016

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Public Forum Guidelines

During the Public Forum any person may address the School Board on a topic of interest or concern. Listed below are the procedures.

1. Public Forum will follow the Procedural Items on the agenda.

2. Public Forum will be open up to 30 minutes (3minutes per speaker, 10 minutes per topic, no more than 3 speakers per topic as a general rule). Comments should be brief, and repetition of public comments already expressed at the same meeting should be avoided.

3. Those who wish to address the Board should fill out the Public Forum Speaker Card and submit the card to the School Board clerk or other district official at the meeting.

4. Questions may be asked on any topic, including those on the agenda.

5. School District policy and data privacy laws preclude the Board from publicly discussing personnel matters or data, including information, which, if discussed in a public meeting could violate law or policy. Complaints or concerns regarding individual school district employees should be presented in writing to school administration and signed by the person submitting the complaint or concern.

6. An attempt will be made to answer questions addressed to the Board. In those cases where an answer is not provided a contact from an appropriate school district official will be made as a follow-up.

7. A handout on the purpose of school board meetings and the meeting process is available at each school board meeting.

8. Citizens may be asked to address the school board on a particular subject during the discussion of that item.

9. The School Board Chairperson will attempt to reasonably honor requests to speak, but shall also exercise discretion with regard to time constraints and therefore may limit the number of requests to speak accordingly.