School Board Policy 203 - Operation of the School Board - Governing Rules

Addendum A


Roll call vote on all items with any financial impact, and on any items where dissent is noted on a voice vote and a division of the house is requested.

Roll call votes shall always proceed alphabetically with the first member to be called rotated alphabetically at successive Board meetings.

Any item may be changed on the agenda, either in placement or in status (discussion, action...) by consensus or by passage of a motion to suspend the rules for that purpose.

Any items, for which no written explanatory information is supplied in the Board packet, will be treated as items in the Public or Board Forum with no action unless the Board suspends the rules and places the item on the agenda for action.

The Chair and the Superintendent shall develop the meeting agenda. Board members may request items to be placed on an upcoming agenda by contacting the Chair, or in the Chair’s absence the Superintendent by Tuesday prior to the Board meeting. All written material and appropriate explanatory material for agenda items must be provided to the Superintendent’s office by noon on the Wednesday prior to the meeting for inclusion in the agenda packet. If such written material is required and not provided in a timely manner, the topic may be pulled from the agenda.

Members of the public may make requests to have items placed on a Board agenda by contacting the Chair in the same manner as Board members. If the Chair does not honor the request, the request shall be made known to the Board and the Board shall determine the disposition of the request.

Robert's Rules of order will be followed except that:

a. Suspension of the rules and limitation of debate require only a simple majority of those voting rather than a 2/3 majority.

b. If no motion is immediately forthcoming on an action item when requested by the Chair, a nominal period of time, not to exceed five minutes, is allowed for questions before a motion for action is required.

c. Board business will automatically terminate at 8:00 p.m. and the Chair will declare the meeting adjourned unless there is a motion, supported by a majority vote, extending the meeting by a specific amount of time.



Roll call, Pledge of Allegiance, approve agenda, approve consent agenda to include minutes, payment of invoices, gifts, field trips and personnel items.


During the Public Forum any person may address the School Board on a topic of interest or concern.  

Public Forum Guidelines

Listed below are the procedures for addressing the School Board on a topic of interest or concern.

1. Speakers must reside in the District, be a guardian of a student(s) in the District, be a student in the District or be employed by the District. The School Board will give priority to individuals who wish to address a specific item that is on the agenda for that meeting. After this priority has been applied, any remaining openings to speak - up to the total of ten individuals - will be determined by lot.

2. Public Forum will be open for up to 30 minutes. (3 minutes per speaker, 10 minutes per topic, no more than 3 speakers per topic). Speakers are encouraged to avoid repeating comments that other speakers have made.

3. Those who wish to address the School Board must submit a written request to speak before 3:00 pm on the day of the School Board meeting. Requests must be submitted to the following email address:, or by phone at 651-407-7563.

4. The School Board Chair will call speakers to the microphone and will recognize one speaker at a time. Speakers must be in person to be recognized. Only those individuals who have been recognized by the School Board Chair will be allowed to speak during the public comment period.

5. School District policy and data privacy laws preclude the School Board from publicly discussing personnel and student matters or data, including information, which, if discussed in a public meeting could violate law or policy.

6. Members of the public may not engage in conduct that materially and substantially disrupts any part of a School Board meeting, or that otherwise impedes the School Board’s ability to conduct its business in an orderly and efficient fashion.

7. If a speaker violates any of the established procedures or engages in any prohibited conduct, the Board Chair will rule the speaker out of order.

8. An appropriate school district official may be assigned to contact the speaker with answers to their questions or with follow-up information.

9. A handout on the purpose of the Public Forum and the process is available at each regular School Board meeting.

10. Citizens may be asked to address the School Board on a particular subject during the discussion of that item.


No discussion.


An instructional report, first reading of new policies, etc.


All non-personnel action items.


Board “news”; same guidelines as Public Forum.