September 30, 2018

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In photos: Furry friends help Hugo Elementary's yard

Student News

Fall fun

The BearPower Harvest Party was a successful event, as families gathered to enjoy food prepared by local chefs with ingredients that were either donated or grown by community members, play games and take their pictures with "Chomp" (BearPower's mascot)! Various organizations attended the event to show the community about gardening tips and tricks, including seed saving demonstrations by the White Bear Lake Seed Library. Community members were even able to take home seeds to get their own gardens growing next year! Seeds of community were planted last week at Willow Lane Elementary's "Community Feast and Conversation" event. The gymnasium was full of activity and discussion as families and staff members got to know one another over a terrific meal. Speaking of delicious food, students throughout the district recently added a delightful crunch to their lunch, as they were able to enjoy Pine Tree apples. 

From yummy food to fun activities, the BearPower Homecoming 6.24K Family Fun Walk/Run is just around the corner and you won't want to miss out. Families are invited to this free event on Saturday, October 6 at WBLAHS - South Campus, with the race starting at 9:30 a.m. Register today! Also, check out this video to see the excitement surrounding this great opportunity! The footage from the BearPower video was also highlighted in the September 21 edition of The Week in 62.4 Seconds video! The BearPower Homecoming 6.24K Family Fun Walk/Run is just one of the fun happenings next week during Homecoming Week. View this list of the exciting opportunities throughout the Homecoming 2018 Week with the theme of "We Wear the Crown" from Monday, October 1 through Saturday, October 6. Also, check out this fun videoof students preparing for the happenings at Central Middle School by creating and placing promotional artwork throughout the building with information about the Homecoming events. 

BEAR Time & opportunities

You name it, and WBLAHS - North Campus probably has it regarding fun activities that are offered Thursdays to students during BEAR Time. Once a week, students are able to choose what they want to do for BEAR Time, which can include receiving academic support, playing games or some students have even been experimenting with 3D printing. Those who have been working on 3D printing have even learned how to design Bear paw pencil holders! See the BEAR Time experience in action in this video. In other exciting news, White Bear Lake Area High School - South Campus was recently awarded a Water Bottle Filling Station Grant from the MN Department of Health. This provides students, staff and community healthier options than sugary drinks. It also removes harmful lead and contaminants from the water, keeps cavity fighting fluoride in drinking water and keeps people hydrated. Other students are making sure staff members are staying hydrated with Central Beans. This is an opportunity for Central Middle School students to serve as baristas while building their job skills by making and delivering drinks to staff members at both Central Middle School and District Center. 

From one opportunity to the next, between full-time PSEO classes at Northwestern, the WBLAHS tennis team, and a part-time job, Sabrina Bush, WBLAHS - South Campus senior, has carved out 80 plus hours to fulfill the requirements of a Girl Scouts Gold Award. The Gold Award (similar to the Boy Scouts Eagle Scout Award) requirements include identifying an issue, investigating it thoroughly, creating a service project plan and taking action. Sabrina knew they wanted their project to help White Bear elementary school students. Sabrina reflected on what it was they loved to do when Sabrina was a student at Matoska International and realized that Mr. Pai had jump started their math career and Mrs. Stonehouse had prepared them for middle school. Sabrina identified a service project that would honor these experiences. For the last nine months, Sabrina has collected, organized and codified fun and engaging math activities and resources for students in grades K-5. This week, Sabrina presented "math stations" to each of the nine Extended Day programs throughout the district. The math stations include games and puzzles to challenge students at all grade levels. Congratulations to Sabrina for their hard work in finding unique ways to always make learning fun for students!

Enjoyable experiences

Students at Otter Lake Elementary have been working on making improvements to their enviroscapes projects, which are small towns they created by building barriers to keep pollution out of their town's environment. They test their improvements by seeing how well the town holds up when storms come through, like a water bottle spraying down on their project. They quickly learn if their improvements worked by checking if the barriers effectively kept the pollutants from seeping into the water. Their hard work was captured in this video. In other environmental happenings, students also get the opportunity to conduct scientific investigations in the school's prairie. From prairies to goats, students at Hugo Elementary had fun laughing, smiling and inquiring, as they learned about special guests grazing in their school's yard. The excitement was captured in this video. Students learned why goats are visiting Hugo Elementary, which is to eat all of the poison ivy and other invasive species to help students and staff be able to better utilize the school forest. This opportunity is possible through the Munch Bunch, which is a goat-for-hire company that provides the goats who specialize in eating buckthorn, invasive and non-invasive plants.

While some students enjoyed learning about goats, there is a great opportunity available for those who enjoy teaching. The WBLAS Community Services & Recreation Adult & Youth Enrichment Programs are looking for individuals interested in teaching adult or youth (K-8) Community Ed classes for the Winter and Spring season (February through the end of May). A teaching license is not required. The only requirement is a love of sharing one's knowledge with others. Whether staff, teachers or community members are interested in showcasing their passion about a skill, starting a book club or spreading knowledge about a special era or person in history, individuals are welcome to complete a class proposal to share their expertise. Learn more about this process. From teaching to learning, Sunrise Park Middle School students recently celebrated Mexico's Independence Day, which was on September 16, by making traditional tissue flowers. Go Bears!

Music & creativity

Early Childhood students turned into artists, as they enjoyed a new outdoor easel where they can express their creativity while working on their small and large motor skills at Normandy Park Education Center. The easel was given to the building in honor of retirees Mary Coleman and Jan McDaniels for their many contributions to the Early Childhood program and playground. Creativity continued to be a focus throughout the district, as students at Sunrise Park Middle School tested what it is like to sing with a marshmallow in their mouths in Odelis Anderson's choir class. This was a way for students to learn about the importance of spacing in their mouths when they are singing. The students laughed and were even able to eat the treat after they were done with the lesson. The experience was captured in this video

There were more musical opportunities throughout the district and community, as ukulele lessons, dominoes and knitting were just a few of the fun passions recently featured at the Senior Center Open House. Check out the excitement in this video. At the event, community members were able to showcase the activities and programs they are a part of while those attending could learn about the White Bear Area Senior Program's offerings by exploring groups, classes, and services. There was also a chance for attendees to learn about rewarding volunteer opportunities. The Senior Voice is another way for community members to learn about the various upcoming opportunities happening with the White Bear Area Senior Program. In other fun news at the Senior Center, the Library recently added new book shelves. Stop by and take a book or leave a book, everyone is welcome! Speaking of everyone being welcome, district staff and families are invited to attend upcoming monthly presentations focused on mental well-being. The first session of the series is "Know the Truth" by MN Adult and Teen Challenge and will be held at the District Center Auditorium on Wednesday, October 24. Learn more about this session and upcoming series opportunities. 

The Week in 62.4 Seconds
Enjoy The Week in 62.4 Seconds videos highlighting weekly district activities throughout the school year.



Activities Updates

High school student Brice Peters was recently selected as the Hot Highlight of the Week on KARE 11, where people can vote for their favorite high school football play that week, for a catch in the end zone that lead the Bears to victory in a recent game against Osseo. There will be an award presentation to honor Brice at WBLAHS - South Campus next week. Stay tuned for a clip to be featured in an upcoming edition of The Week in 62.4 Seconds video. Go Bears!

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