July 8, 2018

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In photos: Lil' Cubs Football Camp

Summer fun

Families enjoyed sunshine and activities at Otter Lake Elementary's summer event. The purpose of the event was to have staff and community members connect with students, promote reading and encourage families to eat well and stay active. Families had a chance to participate in several fun activities such as story time and four-square. Some students even picked up chalk and created their own personal masterpieces on the cement. There were also books available for students to browse through while enjoying fruit as snacks. Otter Lake Elementary will host another summer event on Friday, August 3 from 10 to 11 a.m. at the school where BearPower will offer participants several fun, active games on the lawn to get participants' bodies moving and grooving! 

Speaking of grooving, musicians were hitting all of the right notes at the White Bear Lake Summer Orchestra event. Students from across the district, who are going into six through eighth grade, participated in this camp. This opportunity was a great way for students to continue playing their instruments during the summer while creating bonds across grade levels and schools. During the two weeks, students worked in large orchestra, small group ensembles, played rhythm games, created compositions, and participated in themed adventure dress-up days. On the last day of camp, the students put on a concert for their parents, friends and families. This is the second year of the event. Check out the students performing at Marketfest on Thursday, July 12 at 6:45 p.m. at the White Bear Mitsubishi 3rd Street Stage. The exciting experiences continued, as students in the Ambassadors program at WBLAHS - North Campus recently went whitewater rafting to fulfill their letter requirement, and their adventure (complete with orange life jackets!) was caught on film for a recent episode of Minnesota Bound (#860). Go Bears!

Athletes & art

It was a score for participants at the Lil' Cubs Football Camp, as they were able to enjoy a visit from several Minnesota Golden Gophers football players including Winston DeLattiboudere, Antonio Shenault and Jason Dickson. Students were able to work with the Minnesota Golden Gophers football players and learn the most effective strategies of the game. After time on the field together, the Minnesota Golden Gophers football players took pictures with each participant and gave out their autographs. Throughout students' time in the Lil' Cubs Football Camp, they learned the correct 3-point stance, tackling with bags, throwing, catching and sportsmanship. The active fun continued as families gathered for Manitou Days Family FUN Night at Lions Park! Participants were able to enjoy yoga, different lawn games and making first-aid kits. 

Others in the White Bear community also enjoyed being active outdoors! With the support of district employees, sponsors and community members, 136 golfers enjoyed a day in the sun and raised funds to help the White Bear Lake Area Educational Foundation (WBLAEF) continue their important work in the district. If you'd like to make a difference in the life of a student and help WBLAEF celebrate 25 years of great work, register for the 2018 BEAR Legacy Fundraiser event here. In other community news, community members recently enjoyed participating in Ribbon Skirt Making Classes! While the district's Cultural Liaison Jordan Zickermann helped coordinate the classes, Jordan also works with the American Indian Parent Committee and has been collaborating with the Director of "The Rough-Face Girl," to provide insight on how to uphold authenticity in the Algonquin Indian folklore version of Cinderella. The show will be presented by Children's Performing Arts and performed at the Hanifl Performing Arts Center. There will be performances on Friday, August 10 and Saturday, August 11 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, August 12 at 2 p.m.

Creativity flourishes times and time again, as Vadnais Heights Elementary students' bathrooms and walls continue to serve as one local artist's canvas. Rachel Schmidt is a painter, teacher and WBLAHS graduate who is embarking on the last bathroom painting project at the elementary school, as the painter has done all of the bathrooms at Vadnais Heights Elementary. Rachel is tied closely to White Bear Lake Area Schools with the artist's mom just retiring from the district within the last few years. This summer, the artist has been painting bathrooms near the gym with a community theme including images of the Vadnais Heights Elementary building, lake, Manitou Bridge and White Bear Lake City Hall. The other paintings Rachel has completed have had kid-friendly themes of books, movies and Dr. Seuss. All of the fun paintings can serve as reminders to help students remember to hit the trash can with their paper towels, encourage students to take pride and clean up after themselves and to always flush before leaving the bathrooms.

Career exploration

It was a full day of fun for students in fourth through ninth grade at the Kids at Work summer experience. This opportunity combined fun activities, focused on the construction building trades industry, with games that had a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) emphasis. One exciting opportunity participants had was spending time using tape measures and seeing how long various objects were throughout the classroom. The main goal of Kids at Work is to help students have fun with hands-on experiences while learning about opportunities for careers in the construction industry. Twelve White Bear Lake Area High School students also explored an industry they were interested in during the HealthPartners Career Academy. The students spent the week learning about a variety of healthcare careers. They were even able to travel to the top of Regions Hospital to view the helipad and work with registered nurses in the simulation center. 

Students continued to embrace summertime by participating in a Career Camp where they could learn more about several areas of interest. They were able to visit Trinity Automotive, the Military Base in Arden Hills, University of Wisconsin-River Falls and Tamarack Nature Center. There was also an opportunity to attend a Junior Achievement Finance Park and Simulation where they could learn about topics such as the future, debt, income and credit scores. While students explored fields they may be interested in during their future, other students will continue to take part in the Gen Z Connections program this summer where they can learn from professionals at various local manufacturing companies. Students are getting hands-on, paid internship experience at several places including The Specialty Mfg. Co., SCHWING America, Renstrom Dental Studio, Mold Craft, LasX Industries, Superior Machine, Inc., Teamvantage and Pace Industries. The Gen Z program is one example where the district is partnering with community industry leaders to provide students with the opportunity to explore careers through real-world experiences. 

Activities Updates

Tickets are now available on this website for "Big Fish," a production of the alumni-founded White Bear Lake Community Players Theatre, which also has ties to the district's Community Services & Rec Department. Students in the Ambassadors program at WBLAHS - North Campus recently went whitewater rafting to fulfill their letter requirement, and their adventure (complete with orange life jackets!) was caught on film for a recent episode of Minnesota Bound (#860)

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