December 10, 2017

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In photos: Lincoln Elementary Receives Visit from Minnesota Wild

Student News

Exploring the future

Students practiced their welding skills and connected with professional industry experts at the Manufacturing and Engineering Showcase event at WBLAHS - South Campus. Parents, students and community members were invited to learn about virtual welding, 3D printing and laser cutting. The experience was recently captured in last week's The Week in 62.4 Seconds video. Industry and post-secondary booths filled the hallways allowing families to inquire more about future opportunities. There was also a short presentation about the Manufacturing Pathway. Recently, Industrial Technology Teacher Delroy Nyren wrote an article that was featured on the Advanced Manufacturing website. Delroy explains how two years ago he was tasked to start the new Manufacturing Career Pathway program at White Bear Lake Area High School, and has learned about the many sources necessary to help schools tool up for the future. 

High school students enjoyed other opportunities to think about their futures at the Career event. It is a common question many children are asked and one students at WBLAHS - South Campus explored - "what do you want to be when you are older?" Students were able to participate in the annual event to help inform their answers and learn about fields they may be interested in pursuing and post-secondary options. There were roughly 70 speakers who came in to talk with students about a variety of career opportunities. Speakers represented and talked to students about careers such as being a physical therapist, pilot, film and video editor, pharmacist, dentist, special education teacher and chef. The professionals were asked to address a variety of topics including their schooling and training, helpful high school courses, skills and abilities, and what they enjoyed most about their job. The experience was recently captured in this Friday's The Week in 62.4 Seconds video

Inspiring minds

Give me an "s" leaders shouted with the crowd chanting back "s" in their excitement to spell the word "service." Video after video, students and staff were aiming to inspire others to learn more about how they can make a positive difference in the world. The Willow Lane Elementary community gathered in the gymnasium for the Youth Summit, which takes place once every two weeks and is centered around the district's core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, compassion and service. They have also added gratitude and perseverance to their monthly themes. The Youth Summits are student-led. The experience was recently captured in last week's The Week in 62.4 Seconds video. In this Youth Summit, they discussed the variety of different ways students can make the world a better place. 

At Lincoln Elementary, students learned how they can make a difference in their own lives by being active. The elementary students enjoyed a visit and an assembly to get excited about health and fitness with representatives of the Minnesota Wild, which included Nordy and Wild player Gustav Olofsson among others. Two students participated in a hockey drill, with Nordy in the net. At the end of the hockey drill, the students learned Lincoln Elementary gets to keep the floor hockey set to continue to engage in activities to be active. The fun will continue at Lincoln Elementary, as fifth grade students are gearing up to travel to the Vikings' training facility this upcoming week for some exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) lessons. Students will be participating in a program collaborated by 3M and the Vikings to engage in activities around the concept of force and STEM. 

Winter fun

The song "Deck the Halls" could be heard in empty hallways after school, as the Holiday Ensemble had their first rehearsal at Sunrise Park Middle School. The experience was recently captured in last week's The Week in 62.4 Seconds video. For the last 10 years at Sunrise Park Middle School, there has been a tradition of offering seventh and eighth grade band students the opportunity to come together to rehearse and perform winter music. There are about 40 kids performing this year as part of the Holiday Ensemble. During this time, they play winter music together and spend time practicing their parts to prepare to show their families and friends. Students look forward to this opportunity every year and are excited for their performance on Thursday, Dec. 21. While teachers are conducting students involved with the Holiday Ensemble, Digital Learning Specialist Troy Strand recently wrote an article that was published in EdSurgeabout four keys to conducting personalized learning.

It was cookies galore at the White Bear Area Senior Center with the inter-generational Cookie Decorating event. Students from the Early Childhood program and their parents, grandparents and loved ones were invited to join the seniors in the community to decorate cookies. The experience was recently captured in this Friday's The Week in 62.4 Seconds video. Each participant was able to put a special twist on their cookies by either adding frosting or sprinkles to their delicious masterpieces. Families were able to take home their treats, although some participants were too excited to wait to get home and taste the cookies so they indulged at the event. There are other fun events happening at Normandy Park Education Center including Open Gyms Nights where families with children six months to five years can enjoy activities. There will not be class on Wednesday, Dec. 27. Learn more about this opportunity.

Growing and giving

Hugo Elementary has had a "Minnesota DNR School Forest" for a number of years, but some areas are difficult to access because of buckthorn (invasive species) and other trees growing too close together. With funding from the Minnesota DNR, Tim Carroll from Cedar River Horse Logging visited Hugo Elementary to remove several "problem trees." Check out this video to see the tree removal in action. Recently, Tim was able to remove trees that were too close together as well as older, sick, and dead trees. It is important to do this because it promotes a healthier, more diverse ecosystem, allowing more and different kinds of trees to grow. It is also great because it gives students more access to other parts of the school's forest. One Hugo Elementary teacher explained how they look forward to more opportunities for outdoor education. 

Second grade students at Oneka Elementary are thrilled to enjoy opportunities indoors where they are preparing to showcase their reading skills for a live audience on Wednesday, Dec. 20 after practicing fluency, pacing, rereading and stage presence. The experience was recently captured in this Friday's The Week in 62.4 Seconds video. They have been given the opportunity to work as a team to decorate a set, plan out costumes and help brainstorm actions to accompany their reading lines. It has been especially fun for the students to work with third grade Teacher Elizabeth Ulmer's dog, Macy, who has been a star of the show. Second grade students also have an opportunity to practice giving by collecting items to be placed in decorated birthday boxes (party supplies, cake mix, small presents, art supplies, wrapping paper and more). On Dec. 20, the students will assemble "birthday parties in a box" to be donated to the Closet in White Bear Lake. These classroom contributions will be used for fifteen plus families around the White Bear community who could use the resources to help throw their own child a birthday party. Oneka Elementary second grade teachers say they are excited to see the process come full circle, as they immerse the students in a fun literature opportunity and dedicate time to help children in their own community. 

The Week in 62.4 Seconds

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Activities Updates

The WBLAHS girls' hockey team was featured in the White Bear Press. Minnesota Wild's mascot Nordy, player Gustav Olofsson and other team reps visited Lincoln Elementary last week to celebrate being active and eating well. Go Bears!

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