March 12, 2017

How We Use Time
This month our School Board approved school calendars for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years. Our process for developing a school calendar is a long one, beginning early last fall, seeking suggestions and priorities from staff and parents. The proposed calendar was presented to the School Board in public meetings twice in February and was posted online. Based on additional feedback from staff and parents, minor changes were included in the calendar approved this month.

Our local preferences need to fit into the parameters set forth by state law. For example, by legislative mandate, school classes may not begin in the fall until after Labor Day, except as permitted by a few exceptions listed in statutes.

What is different for 2017-18? Many of you may initially focus on the length of the winter holiday break, the placement of spring break, and whether the calendar will allow flexibility for travel before Thanksgiving.

The 2017-18 calendar also continues a "Welcome Back" elementary school parent-teacher conference just before school begins. We first piloted this "extra conference" last fall. Feedback from staff and parents was overwhelmingly positive.

For 2017-18, we have made some minor changes in the time and format of these conferences based on feedback. All elementary schools families will continue to have the opportunity for three parent conferences, one just before school begins for the year, another before Thanksgiving, and a third in the spring. These meetings are an important time for us to make sure we are communicating well, listening to parents, and addressing the learning and support needs for every child.

Beginning with 2017-18, we have also added some time during the year for our teachers to work closely together to understand the progress that each student is making, and determine how we can improve our instructional strategies and practices mid-year.

For some students this will be seen as a "day off," but teachers and administrators will be hard at work. Building this time into the schedule will mean fewer days when teachers are out of the classroom for professional development, collaboration, and planning. That means fewer times that students ask their teachers, "Where were you yesterday?"

Our best wishes to all our staff, students and families for a wonderful spring break. We look forward to seeing you again on Monday, March 20!


Michael J. Lovett, Ph.D

Superintendent, White Bear Lake Area Schools

In photos: Tree Tapping at Tamarack

Student News

Pancakes and pj's

Students and families at Tamarack learned from first-hand experience what it means to transform sap into delicious maple syrup. The students and families started their adventure by walking to the "sugar bushes" where they tapped maple trees for sap. They started by drilling into maple trees and looking to see if they could spot any liquid. Next, they hammered spiles into the trees that will help the sap drip into buckets as it collects over the spring. After the adventure into the woods, the families and students went into the classroom to taste last year's maple syrup. The students were able to enjoy the maple syrup drizzled on top of pancakes for a snack.

Students at Birch Lake Elementary woke up and stayed in their pajamas as they headed to school for a Read All Day Event. The students continued to celebrate "I Love to Read" Month by wearing their pajamas, bringing blankets and pillows to class and doing as much reading as possible. While one day the students wore pajamas, the next day both students and teachers dressed up as their favorite book characters to spark conversations about fun books to read. Students also took a break from the books and got busy jumping to celebrate the end of their Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. 

Now starring

Students at Otter Lake and Oneka Elementary Schools are preparing for their productions of "Musicville," a story about Maiden Melody and Radical Rhythm trying to save their town from the Sorcerer of Silence. Otter shows are on April 7, 8 and 9 at the Maplewood Community Center. Click here to order tickets for the Otter production. Oneka shows are April 20, 22 and 23 at the Maplewood Community Center. Tickets for the Oneka production will go on sale March 20. Tickets to Lincoln Elementary's production of "Peter Pan, Jr." are available at Truly in Downtown White Bear Lake. The show will be performed on the Community Auditorium Stage the evenings of March 31 and April 1 with a matinee performance planned for April 2. Find additional information here. While elementary students are preparing for their shows, the middle school musical rehearsals of Lion King, Jr. are in full swing. Find information about the production, with tickets available to the public March 20, here. Additionally, high school students are getting ready to audition for the spring theater production, "Play On!" Click here for more information about auditions.

Central Middle School band students also recently benefited from a music stage, with guest composer Aaron Perrine coming in for a seventh grade band class. While a classroom visitor by a composer is always a rare treat, what makes this experience even more special is that the students are currently rehearsing Perrine's piece "April." The visit provided a natural tie to student lessons on large concepts from the piece, while the students also heard about what it means to be a composer and learned about the composing process. The classroom visit was covered in Friday's 62.4-second video update here.

Creating community

Several months ago, Action Ambassadors visited the kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms at Matoska to gather ideas of what issues were important to the Matoska community. Then, they brought those ideas back to Matoska's Action Team meeting and narrowed down the list of concerns brought up most by students. After a vote, the Action Team decided that they would focus on issues of hunger this year and the Ambassadors would be leading Matoska in all school Action Projects. There are committees working on setting up a Matoska service day with Feed My Starving Children, two groups working with local organizations to fight hunger and one group is raising money to donate to Heifer International. The group focusing on Heifer International organized a Book Drive in connection to "I Love to Read" Month where they asked Matoska students to donate used books for the cause. They collected more than 500 books and are selling each of them to students for 25 cents. All of the proceeds will go towards purchasing animals for families in need through Heifer International. 

Transition Education Center and White Bear Lake Area High School's South Campus Programs hosted the 7th annual Community Partner Event. This event provided students with the opportunity to express their appreciation to community partners that are opening their doors to give students the chance to learn valuable employability skills. The event was standing room only, attended by community members, students and staff. See the event video here and the press release here. The students and families also had an opportunity to learn about resources in the White Bear Lake community by attending Conference Night Resources, aimed at promoting services and resources available to individuals with and without disabilities. Resources featured at the event included the White Bear Lake Food Shelf, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Vocational Rehabilitation Services and the Disability Linkage Line.

School visitors

While students may be used to seeing Ronald McDonald on billboards, they were in for a special surprise when he visited Lakeaires Elementary to show students about how to be respectful to others. The Step to Respect show incorporated songs, props and audience participation into the performance to give students the opportunity to learn about respect in a hands-on approach. They explained how the definition of respect means treating others in a way that makes them feel cared for and important. At the end of the performance, they had students and teachers participate in a game show to review the content covered in the show.

Though it didn't involve a game show, Central Middle School students were entertained at Friday morning's Career Cafe when Dr. Melissa Samuelsson, a neurologist with a specialty epilepsy for Health Partners and Regions Hospital, visited. Dr. Samuelsson shared with our students information about the academic journey it takes for a person to become a medical doctor, in addition to the character traits of perseverance and strong work ethic required. Dr. Samuelsson also brought along some of the tools she uses to help her discover what might be going on with her patients and even put one of our students, her daughter Sofia's, reflexes to the test.

Creature teachers

Normandy Park Education Center transformed into a zoo for its Rad Zoo Family Event. Families were invited to explore creatures in the reptile and amphibian world including snakes, turtles, frogs and more. They were able to learn about habitats, eating habits and life cycles. Families were even able to pet and view the reptiles and amphibians up close. The experience was covered in the 62.4-second video update shared out on March 3. See the video here.

In other slippery-creature news, and on the other end of the age spectrum, high school students in the White Bear Lake Area High School Fishing Club recently heard from guest speaker Seth Feider, who is the 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series "Angler of the Year." Advisor Jacob Montgomery reports that the evening was a fantastic informational session for the students, who enjoyed learning from one of the best. The fishing club is in its second year of being a club offered at White Bear Lake Area High School.

Celebrating culture, creativity, kindness

High school students embraced their creativity as they worked with Wing Young Huie to establish a body of student-focused work for his collection that will be presented at the White Bear Center for the Arts, as well as at a gallery located at both North and South Campus. This activity gives tenth grade students the opportunity to describe their culture, as they work toward literary and self-analysis of individual cultures, which is part of their tenth grade summative assessment. These students completed a "chalk talk" based on the adjectives they used to describe their culture and took pictures of themselves with their "cultural word" that will be used as an artistic medium that accompanies an essay about the culture they have chosen to represent themselves. 

At Vadnais Heights Elementary, students stopped, dropped, and read in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday. Students from all grade levels formed a reading train in the hallways on Read Across America Day to celebrate the author's accomplishments. Students were able to read their favorite books for approximately ten minutes. While students had the opportunity to read and celebrate literacy, they were also able to recently enjoy a Kindness Retreat. See the 62.4-second video update that featured the reading train here.


62.4-second video updates

Enjoy 62.4-second video updates highlighting weekly district activities throughout the school year.



Activities updates

The Bears' Swim Team recently found great success. The 200 freestyle relay broke the team record, and as a result of his strong effort at the Section 4AA Swim/Dive meet, Abe Townley qualified for the Minnesota State High School League's State Boys' Swimming and Diving Meet in the 50 yard freestyle and the 100 yard freestyle. He took home third place in the 50 freestyle at State. The WBLAHS Bears' Fishing Club recently learned from a very gracious and informative guest speaker, 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series "Angler of the Year' Seth Feider. The White Bear Lake Area High School Student Literary Magazine Sensicality was the only student literary journal in Minnesota to receive the highest award possible from The Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines. See the full press release here. The Girls' Basketball Team will compete in a State Tournament Quarterfinal game on Tuesday, March 14 at the Target Center. Tickets will be available for sale at the WBLAHS - South Campus front office on Monday, March 13. See full details here.


Find a complete list of all WBLAHS Activities, Athletics and Fine Arts here.


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School Board News

School Board approves new hires to begin July 1
The District is pleased to announce the selection of three members of the leadership team who will begin their employment July 1, 2017: superintendent, Otter Lake Elementary principal, and WBLAHS activities director. Find the full press release here.

School Board approves 2017-18 academic calendar
At the March 6, 2017 Regular Meeting, the White Bear Lake Area School Board approved the 2017-18 academic calendar. The approved 2017-18 calendar includes staggered "first day" experiences for secondary, elementary and kindergarten students. Students in grades 6-12 will begin the school year on Tuesday, September 5. The first day of the year for students in grades 1-5 will be Wednesday, September 6, and kindergarten students will begin school on Thursday, September 7. Find the full press release here.

School Board Recognitions
Before the March 6 School Board Meeting, the School Board recognized the students and staff involved with:

  • Scholastic Art Award winners
  • HS Honor & All-State Choir
  • HS Honor & All-State Band
  • SEC music students
  • Nordic Ski Team members



To see clips from the recognition ceremony, watch this 62.4-second video update here

School Board Meetings
School Board meeting agendas, packets, minutes highlights and videos/audio files can be found here.

Date Type Time Location
March 27 Work-Study  5:30 p.m. District Center 
April 10 Regular 7 p.m. District Center
April 24 Work-Study 5:30 p.m. District Center 



For highlights from the most recent Board meeting, click here


Superintendent's Message

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Student News

  • In photos: Tree Tapping at Tamarack
  • Pancakes and pj's
  • Now starring
  • Creating community
  • School visitors
  • Creature teachers
  • Celebrating culture, creativity, kindness
  • 62.4-second video updates
  • Activities updates

School Board News

  • School Board approves new hires to begin July 1
  • School Board approves 2017-18 academic calendar
  • School Board Recognitions
  • School Board Meetings

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  • General Information
  • Awards and Honors


School Board Work-Study Meeting
5:30 p.m.
March 27
District Center

School Board Regular Meeting
7 p.m.
April 10
District Center

School Board Work-Study Meeting
5:30 p.m.
April 24
District Center

Find the 2016-17 Activities Calendar here. 2016-17 Parent Academic Calendar here. Find the recently-approved 2017-18 Parent Academic Calendar here.


District News

General Information

Community Services

The WBLAS Community Services and Recreation Department provides a wide range of services and opportunities that enhance the quality of life for all members of ISD 624.

  • Seasonal catalogs are available now! You can find them here
  • Digital Backpack information is emailed to parents every other Thursday and available here.

Parent Notices

  • School Board acts on new hire contracts to begin July 1- The District is pleased to announce the selection of three members of the leadership team who will begin their employment July 1, 2017: superintendent, Otter Lake Elementary principal and WBLAHS activities director. Find additional information in EnglishHmong and Spanish.
  • 2017-18 Calendar approved - At the March 6, 2017 Regular Meeting, the White Bear Lake Area School Board approved the 2017-18 academic calendar. Find complete information here.
  • Indian Education Parent Committee Public Hearing Notice - There will be a Public Hearing for the development of the 2017-18 Title VI school year on March 20th, 2017 from 5:30-8 Room 206 of the White Bear Lake Area Schools District Center, 4855 Bloom Avenue in White Bear Lake. Information gathered will be highly valued by the Title VI Indian Education Parent Committee as they put together their proposal for next year. Please RSVP to Mike Huerth, Consultant for Indian Education, at 651-328-1403 or by email. Find additional information here.
  • Minnesota Immigrant and Refugee Rights Helpline - The Minnesota Immigrant and Refugee Rights Helpline is a free resource for immigrants and refugees living in the state of Minnesota whose household income is below 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Find additional information in the following flyers: EnglishSomaliSpanish.
  • Bears Out of Hibernation Family Dance - Families are invited to shake off their winter coats at the Bears Out of Hibernation Family Dance on Friday, April 7 at Lakeaires Elementary from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Click here for more information. 
  • Tutors needed - If you are interested in tutoring students (paid position), please complete this form or contact Community Services for more information at 651-407-7501.
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  • Free Community Baby Shower - Community members are invited to join other parents of new babies, birth to six months old, for a free community baby shower. Click here for more information. 
  • We Are Hiring! - The district is now hiring substitute teachers, Extended Day staff, nutrition services staff, bus drivers, paras and more. Find the online application page here.
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Senior Program Updates:

The White Bear Area Senior Center is a program of the White Bear Lake Area Schools Community Services & Recreation Department.

  • FREE Activity Pass for Senior Community Members ( age 65+) - White Bear Lake Area Schools offer a variety of activities - home athletic contests, concerts, and theater productions to name a few. Join us! Call the Superintendent's Office at 651-407-7563 to request a FREE Activity Pass for home athletics events and a District Activities Calendar. Find the application here. The Activities Pass is available to residents of the White Bear Lake Area School District who are age 65 and older.
  • Be a Bear! The district currently has many staff openings available for the current school year and 2016-17! See additional information here, and find the online application page here.

Partnership Updates:

    BearPower is a community-wide movement helping White Bear Lake area families eat well and be active. For more on this community partner and its upcoming events, click here
    • BearPower Open Gym - Families, friends and community members can come play basketball, catch or just run around at BearPower's Open Gym events. Click here for more information.
    • BearPower Family Breakaway Bike Ride - Families and community members are invited to join BearPower for its third annual free bike ride event on Saturday, May 20. All ages and abilities are welcome. Register on the Community Services and Recreation website. No bike? No problem. Extra bikes? We want 'em. For more information, email

Support WBLAS Students:

  • The Lion King Jr. - Attend the Middle School Musical's performance of "The Lion King Jr." on April 27, 28 and 29. Tickets will be available for sale on March 20. Click here for more information.
  • Musicville - Students at Otter Lake and Oneka Elementary Schools are preparing for their productions of "Musicville." Otter shows are on April 7, 8 and 9 at the Maplewood Community Center. Click here to order tickets for the Otter production. Oneka shows are April 20, 22 and 23 at the Maplewood Community Center. Tickets for the Oneka production will go on sale March 20.
  • Disney's Peter Pan Jr. - Lincoln Elementary PTA Productions presents Disney's Peter Pan Jr. with approximately 150 first through fifth grade students on March 31, April 1 and April 2. Click here for more information.
  • Minnesota Golf Cards for Sale - The Boys' Golf team is selling Minnesota Golf Cards once again this spring. The cards sell for $35 each and are good at more than 160 golf courses statewide and in western Wisconsin. If you are interested contact Coach Nasvik.
  • Sunrise Park Community Dinner - The annual Sunrise Park Community Dinner will take place from 5-8 p.m. April 4. Tickets are $6 pre-purchased on the Sunrise Park website or at the school's front office or $7 at the door. Special appearances and live entertainment include Middle School Musical Preview, Talent Show Finalists, Middle School Jazz Band and Wall of Wishes. Find additional information here.
  • Be a Bear! The district currently has many staff openings available for the current school year and 2016-17! See additional information here, and find the online application page here.

Awards and Honors

  • The White Bear Lake Teachers' Association has announced the six WBLTA 2017 Teacher of the Year finalists listed below. Finalists will be interviewed by a joint panel of teachers, administrators, and community members in April with the winner announced at the 2017 Teacher of the Year Extravaganza at 4:15 p.m. on April 20 at the WBLAHS - South Campus Theater.
    • Katelin Held, WBLAHS - North Campus
    • Ben Kirkham, WBLAHS - North Campus
    • Rita Leonard - WBLAHS - South Campus
    • Dawn Maple - Matoska International
    • Nicholas Marty - Lincoln Elementary
    • Melissa Wickert - WBLAHS - North Campus
  • A Minnesota State Arts Board jury has approved a one year grant proposal for retired South Campus teacher Lou Ferreri. The grant will fund archival printing and publishing of 20 to 25 original drawings, completed over the past six years and drawn on the editorial pages of the New York Times. Click here for more information.
  • The Bears' Swim Team and coaching staff recently found great success. Congratulations to Jake Mueller and Natalie Strauss for receiving coach of the year awards. 
  • March Recognitions:
    • National Nutrition Month
    • Music in Our Schools Month
    • Women's History Month
    • March 2 - Read Across America Day
    • March 3 - Employee Appreciation Day
    • March 12 - Daylight Saving Starts
    • March 13-17 - Spring Break
    • March 17 - St. Patrick's Day

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