July 10, 2016

A Reader's Guide to Understanding High School Seniors

Featured in the June 8 publication of the White Bear Press

"What are your plans for next year?" How often do high school seniors hear this question, especially when they are on the social circuit of graduation open houses and neighborhood gatherings? A dozen times a day? 

The questions were so much easier in grade school: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" or "What do you want to do when you get older?" One day the answer might be marine biologist or firefighter, and the next day, teacher, veterinarian, or zoo keeper. Back then, any answer seemed to work, even if it were borrowed from a friend.

But for high school seniors, the question matters more, and so does the answer. But the real pressure is not the question or the answer, but comes from the kind of wide world they are entering. 

Think for a moment about the world of these graduates and the events and changes that have occurred in their school lifetime from 2004 to 2016 - local, national and world events that have influenced and will influence their futures. 

First, when this year's graduating class entered middle school in the fall of 2009, our economy was scraping the bottom of the Great Recession. The national unemployment rate stood at ten percent, and while Minnesota's unemployment rate was lower at eight percent, many families experienced financial challenges. Thus, at a time students were making course selections for middle school and high school, being prepared for life after high school was a critical consideration.

Second, during their time in school our country has been engaged in on-going international conflicts; some of our graduates know what it is like to have a dad or mom or other relative deployed. Most graduates know classmates whose family members are veterans or have been deployed.

Third, local issues have also influenced student aspirations and plans. One issue all these students are aware of is the prolonged drop in water level in White Bear Lake. When this year's graduating class was in primary school, the lake level was near its normal high. But between 2007 and 2013 (their third through ninth grades) the lake level dropped more than four and one-half feet to its lowest level in the past century. Our students are not just aware and knowledgeable about water conservation, but about resource management.

When you ask questions and listen to high school seniors, think about the '3 P's' that have gone into their answers; purpose, preparation and persistence.

Purpose represents the goals to which our graduates aspire. These have been influenced by family, our schools, faith, community and core values of compassion, integrity, respect, responsibility and service.

Preparation represents the opportunities students have had in the White Bear Lake Area Schools to take challenging courses that prepare them to enter this challenging world. These courses include 33 college credit classes. In addition, new this past year is the Manufacturing Pathway, which prepares students to go on to higher education or to go directly into internships or to cutting-edge employment.

Persistence represents the efforts and determination to pursue purpose in spite of the challenges faced along the way. For many of our students, the financial reality of college costs requires persistence and determination to find a way to follow goals one step at a time. And for all students, the interest and support of this community of adults is critical.

So when you ask a graduate "What are your plans for next year?" take time to listen and to ask those follow-up questions that affirm their purpose, preparation and persistence. Then you will be a part of their story, too.

Michael Lovett, Ph.D
Superintendent, White Bear Lake Area Schools

In Photos: Lil' Cubs K-5 Football Camp!

Summer activities

The WBLAS District is heavily involved in the community and its much-anticipated summer activities. Recently, students and staff walked proudly in the Manitou Days Parade. Among the crowd was Manitou Button Contest winner Kelsi Olivares (a Lakeaires fifth grader from last school year), the 2015-16 WBLTA Teacher of the Year and the Manitou Days Writing Contest winners, to name a few. While another successful Manitou Days celebration has come and gone, you'll continue to see district staff in downtown White Bear at the weekly Marketfest celebrations. At the most recent Marketfest event, district students were given the opportunity to run their own booth during "Biz Kids Week." The young entrepreneurs first applied for the spot and then were given a free booth space to promote their cause, product or idea during Marketfest. If you weren't able to make it downtown for Biz Kids Week, you're bound to find WBLAS students hanging out at the district booth every Thursday. Feel free to stop by for White Bear decals, early childhood activities and greetings from district staff!

Many of the district's community partners take part in these summer events as well, including BearPower. During Manitou Days, BearPower and the White Bear Lake Area YMCA hosted its annual event called Family Fun Night. It's a free event full of fun games, prizes and healthy food options. This year, the event took place at Lion's Park and there were roughly 150 people in attendance. The event is centered around BearPower's mission, which is to encourage families in the White Bear community to eat well and be active. Meanwhile, another district partner wrapped up an event that drew in many familiar faces to WBLAS. The 17th Annual White Bear Lake Area Educational Foundation (WBLAEF) Golf Tournament was held at the end of June at Indian Hills Golf and Country Club in Stillwater. This year's event was a hole-in-one, with a turnout of 120 golfers - many of whom are students and staff from the district. Members of the WBLAHS Varsity Boys' Golf Team even made themselves available at the eighth hole to take a drive for golfers, and many took advantage of the young golfers' skills. All proceeds from the event will benefit the WBLAEF. 

Kids in the Lil' Cubs Football camp also received some pointers from the pros. Coaches from WBLAS Community Services & Recreation taught the young players a thing or two about football, but were slightly upstaged by some big names in the sport. EJ Henderson, a former long-time linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings, spent the afternoon with the kids - giving them encouragement on and off the field. He signed autographs and answered their questions, then played alongside our Lil' Cubs. Two days prior, several Minnesota Gopher football players came to teach our young football stars a thing or two. The Gophers also spent time with the kids, talking strategy and enjoying the game. Roughly 75 students grades K-5 take part in this football camp each summer. (Additional photos from this year's camp can be found above in theIn-Photos section of this issue of the e-newsletter.)

Technology experts

While the halls of most of our schools are relatively quiet this time of year, the district's technology department has been packed with students who've been hard at work to ensure technology is up and running for students in the fall. It's an internship program for middle and high school students called the White Bear Tech Depot. For many students, this opportunity provides a first-time working experience, as they must first apply for a position as they would for any other job. After the application process, students receive technology department jobs where they repair, clean, image and deploy more than 4,000 devices over the course of the summer. Currently, the students have been working with the Chromebooks, logging each laptop into its designated school's system. This provides technical support for the district's Chromebook 1:1 laptop program. These internships benefit the district, as well as the students, and they fit into White Bear Lake Area Schools' college and career reediness initiatives. 

Though not quite ready to join the Tech Depot, our elementary students have been expanding their knowledge of technology this summer through a variety of STEM summer school activities. Fifth grade summer school students from all elementary schools were invited to Oneka recently to program and control robots. Meanwhile, third grade students built roller-coaster paths for marbles to explore the power of inertia. These were just a couple of many fun activities our summer school students have been doing to keep their brains busy outside of the school year. There are also some really fun field trips happening, too. This coming week, fifth grade students will be touring CHS Field after riding the green line to the Union Depot in St. Paul. They are using this as a background for math and literacy, on top of the fact that it gives students a fun and unique experience. The best part is that one of the general managers of the St. Paul Saints is Chris Schwab, a White Bear graduate! He has arranged some very cool activities for his young hometown visitors.

Construction projects

Students and staff will be returning to some exciting building changes in the fall, including a new gymnasium floor at WBLAHS -South Campus. The floor currently being replaced was installed as part of the original construction in 1974 and was repainted in 1983 when the schools merged. The old floor was not to the standard of competitive floors in the conference, as it had numerous dead spots. The new Maple wood floor currently being installed will provide uniform performance and better absorption for the safety of the athletes. You can read more about this particular type of gym flooring here. The installation will be completed mid-July, then after allowing the finish to cure properly, it should be ready for use in early August. 

There are also a number of other building projects going on across the district: Lakeaires and Birch Lake will be getting new roofing; the tennis courts at Sunrise Park Middle School are getting resurfaced with added pickle ball lines due to increased community demand; and new lockers will be installed at Central Middle School in August, to name a few.

62.4-second video updates

Take a look at our 62.4-second video updates that highlight weekly activity throughout our schools during the school year.

Activities Updates
The WBLAHS Trapshooting Team recently competed at the national level, which was highlighted in the White Bear Press.

A Fall Sports meeting for all participants and their parents/guardians will be taking place Wednesday, August 3 at 6 p.m. in the Community Auditorium (located at District Center). Click here for more information. Find a complete list of all WBLAHS Activities, Athletics and Fine Arts here.


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  • FREE Activity Pass for Senior Community members (age 65+) - White Bear Lake Area Schools offer a variety of activities - home athletic contests, concerts, and theater productions to name a few. Join us! Call the Superintendent's Office at 651-407-7563 to request a FREE Activity Pass for home athletics events and a District Activities Calendar. Find the application here. The Activities Pass is available to residents of the White Bear Lake Area School District who are age 65 and older.
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  • H2O for Life - The Race 2 Reduce initiative at H2O for Life is a collaboration of stakeholders working to educate about local water resources and water conservation. White Bear Lake Area Schools is a partner in this effort and is working to align curriculum to integrate these important topics into school.
  • BearPower is a community-wide movement helping White Bear Lake area families eat well and be active. For more on this community partner and its upcoming events, click here.
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  • White Bear Lake Community Services is offering a new summer program called FLEX at Central Middle School. FLEX is designed to teach 5-7 grade students leadership and positive social interaction skills, as well as how they can make a difference in the world. FLEX is choice based and student driven. You're invited to stop by the FLEX Cafe from 7:30 - 9:30 a.m., Monday through Friday at Central Middle School this summer. The student operated FLEX Cafe offers an assortment of warm and cold beverages and tasty snacks at affordable prices. It is conveniently located on the first floor of Central in the first classroom on the right as you're entering Central from the District Center. Just look for the FLEX Cafe signs. Hope to see you there!
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