December 4, 2016


Pathways to Success
The ten cities that comprise the White Bear Lake Area School District are known for beautiful lakes, a rich history, and strong sense of community. Less well known are businesses and small companies that are designing and making innovative and precision products for the world market.

This fall I accompanied a tour group to a local manufacturing facility. The company manager was describing an innovative laser machine.

"We were the first company in the nation to have this machine in production", he modestly explained. After an impressive demonstration, he asked, "Any questions?"

"How hot does the metal get? How do you assure and maintain quality control?"

The manager's explanations became technical. His guests responded with nods of understanding and asked more questions.

Were these university engineering graduates? 

No, the four young men and women on the tour were high school juniors and seniors from the White Bear Lake Area High School's manufacturing and precision engineering classes. We were touring Dufresne Manufacturing in Vadnais Heights. Our partnership with Dufresne began eight years ago when its management contacted the White Bear Lake Area Schools. This month Dufresne and the School District were honored with partnership awards from the Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corporation.

This partnership is a component of the high school's Manufacturing Pathway, innovative classes that allow students to gain manufacturing certification while still in high school. While the students on the tour plan to pursue four year engineering degrees, other students may proceed directly from high school to promising careers in manufacturing.

Back in the school district, middle and high school students troubleshoot computers, learning technical diagnosis, basic repairs and more. All are part of the "Tech Depot," students who receive specialized training and support to keep the district's 6000 Chromebooks in good repair.

Some are pioneers in the high school IT Pathway, a sequence of classes which leads to technical certification. Internships, coupled with engaging classes, accelerate student progress to college and careers in this promising field.

This past summer, while many area high school students were delighted to find jobs at minimum wage, two of our high school seniors were among high school interns who completed 9 weeks of internship with the Minnesota Trades Academy. Each student received hands-on training and job experiences at 15 different union training centers. These students are confident and excited about apprenticeship opportunities right after high school.

In addition to more than 30 college credit classes already offered at the high school, these three Pathway Programs have been added: Manufacturing, IT, and Construction Trades. Such innovation helps assure that every student graduates from high school not only well prepared to enter college, but with the option of going directly into a career.

Choosing to work directly out of high school in a job that has opportunities for skilled training, competitive wages, and career growth does not preclude college. In fact, earning while learning makes college more affordable and advanced training more focused.

During a decade where headlines predict worker shortages due to baby boom generation retirements, and other news articles lament the staggering rise in student college debt, these pathway programs are good news.

These new Pathways to Success grow out of a remarkable level of collaboration among our school teachers and leaders, local businesses and leaders, Century College, and nonprofits including United Way.

As a result, today's high school students will be prepared to join local companies designing and making innovative and precision products for the world market. This is good news for our students, parents, and our community!

Michael J. Lovett, Ph.D
Superintendent, White Bear Lake Area Schools

Article originally published in the Nov. 29 issue of the White Bear Press.

In Photos: MS and HS Registration Guide Photo Shoots 


Student News

Experiencing Partnerships 

Students and families had an opportunity to get hands-on with learning manufacturing and engineering skills at White Bear Lake Area High School's South Campus. Attendees of the 3rd Annual Manufacturing and Engineering Showcase collaborated with industry experts and post-secondary representatives about the Manufacturing Pathway Program and careers in the field. This event gave students of all ages the opportunity to explore a career pathway, which exposes students to in-demand careers and equips them with teamwork, time management, and critical thinking skills. 

Other students are also honing their skills and thinking about how they can volunteer to make a positive difference in others' lives both locally and globally. A motivational speaker from the organization WE recently spoke to National Junior Honor Society members at Central Middle School about how they can contribute to a better world. A group of students brainstormed ideas about making fleece blankets to donate to the Children's Hospital. At North Campus, students in the special education program will be making 150 sandwiches next week to be delivered to a shelter.

Middle school students also had an opportunity to discuss the impact that conserving water in Minnesota can have on developing countries when H2O for Life presented programs about the culture of Costa Rica and the shared concerns about water resource issues to Kristie Holman's Spanish classes. Chelsea Morrison, a Green Corps member, is working with students on the Race 2 Reduce water resource curriculum project this year. Priscila Soto, an intern from Costa Rica, also talked with students about her experiences in Costa Rica and engaged students in conversations about the global water crisis. Students were asked to brainstorm ways to conserve water in our schools and homes, leaving them with the important lesson that water conservation is everyone's responsibility. 

Fueling Learning
First and second grade students kicked off their week at Vadnais Heights Elementary with a delicious, fresh snack. This newly implemented snack program will continue until the end of the school year and provides students with fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the week. This pilot program is provided through BearPower and an Action Grant through HealthPartners, which is aimed at promoting good health and offering fun snack choices to students. The snack program's goals are to "fuel" student learning while supporting classroom engagement. The program was covered in this week's 62.4-second video update, found here

Students and families at Vadnais ended the week in a different direction, snacking on Doughnuts with Dad. This special one-time indulgence allowed parents and students to have breakfast together in the gymnasium, sitting among other students and families to get to know one another. After breakfast, dads, grandpas, uncles, or guardians visited their breakfast buddy's classroom. This event is hosted every year by the school's PTO group as a way to bring the students and their dads (and other family members) to the school to build relationships with its teachers and students. 


62.4-second video updates
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Activities Updates

The White Bear Lake Area High School Theatre Program wrapped up a successful (and sold out!) production of Mary Poppins. The White Bear Lake High School Varsity Bowling Team took first place in the regular season in their conference, and also in the conference playoffs and state tournament.


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December 12 Regular 7 p.m. District Center
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The WBLAS Community Services and Recreation Department provides a wide range of services and opportunities that enhance the quality of life for all members of ISD 624.

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  • Parent education opportunity - Thanks to a grant from Ramsey County Children's Mental Health, we will be hosting an evening with Lora Matz, a therapist from Prairie Care. She presented on Nov. 29 about understanding anxiety in adolescents, and more than 50 parents attended. The next session is on Dec. 13, and will focus on anxiety in younger children (elementary). Click here for more information.
  • We Are Hiring! - The district is now hiring substitute teachers, Extended Day staff, nutrition services staff, bus drivers, paras and more. Find the online application page here.
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The White Bear Area Senior Center is a program of the White Bear Lake Area Schools Community Services & Recreation Department.

  • FREE Activity Pass for Senior Community members ( age 65+) - White Bear Lake Area Schools offer a variety of activities - home athletic contests, concerts, and theater productions to name a few. Join us! Call the Superintendent's Office at 651-407-7563 to request a FREE Activity Pass for home athletics events and a District Activities Calendar. Find the application here. The Activities Pass is available to residents of the White Bear Lake Area School District who are age 65 and older.
  • Craft Corner Gift Shop at the Senior Center - Open from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, the gift shop is the perfect place to shop for a variety of beautiful, handcrafted items. With more than 100 consignees selling their personal crafts, there is much to choose from for purchase. If anyone, over the age of 55, has any love of creating crafts, we are in need of consignees to further our inventory. The Craft Corner Gift Shop is located at Normandy Park Education Center, 2484 County Road F East.
  • Be a Bear! The district currently has many staff openings available for the current school year and 2016-17! See additional information here, and find the online application page here.

Partnership Updates:

  • H2O for Life - The Race 2 Reduce initiative at H2O for Life is a collaboration of stakeholders working to educate about local water resources and water conservation. White Bear Lake Area Schools is a partner in this effort and is working to align curriculum to integrate these important topics into school.
    • H2O for Life presented programs to students in Spanish classes at Central Middle School about the global water crisis and the importance of conserving water. See the story above for more information.
  • BearPower is a community-wide movement helping White Bear Lake area families eat well and be active. For more on this community partner and its upcoming events, click here.
    • BearPower implemented a snack program at Vadnais Heights Elementary School, providing first and second grade students with fresh fruits and vegetables. This initiative was possible through an Action Grant with HealthPartners. See the story above for more information.
    • The Family Yoga Day was recently highlighted in an article in the White Bear Press.
  • The White Bear Lake Area Educational Foundation (WBLAEF) is an independent, non-profit corporation promoting excellence in education in White Bear Area School District 624 schools.
    • The 2016 Holiday Angels Program gives our community an opportunity to share with those in need in our school district while honoring a school district staff person or community member. To learn more, click here.
    • The Ryan Family Elementary Art Grant helps provide art education to elementary schools in the WBLAS District. A total of seven Art Grants were awarded to elementary teachers in October. For more information, click here or see the list in the Awards and Honors section below.
    • The 2016 Brosious Grants have been awarded to several WBLAS educators. For more information about the 2016 recipients, click here or see the list in the Awards and Honors section below.


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Awards and Honors

  • Congratulations to the following staff members who received a Ryan Art Grant from the WBLAEF: Jenn Misgen, Deb Schmidt, Jessica Hosmer, Kelly Humphrey, Jessica Ostendorf, Katie Anderson, Stacy Brodt, and Aimee Pollard. For more information, click here.
  • Congratulations to the following staff members who received a Brosious Grant from the WBLAEF: Mari Getz, Melanie McPherson, Dawndra Broge, Allison Theissen, Jessica Ostendorf, Molly Vadnais, Christina Hayden, Allison McCann, Joshua Lehr, Julie Hopkins, Nancy Brown, and Carrie Carlson. For more information about the 2016 recipients, click here.
  • It is Inclusive Schools Week from Dec. 5-9. Governor Dayton's proclamation aims to recognize the importance of leading by example and welcoming diversity and inclusion in all schools and communities.

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