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Strategic Planning  
A 30-member team met on September 18-20, 2017 and identified draft beliefs, mission, objectives, and strategies. During the fall of 2017 and winter of 2018 action teams were formed with the task of developing action plans for each of the eight strategies. 

On February 26 and 27, 2018 the 30-member team met to review the work of the action teams. After reviewing the action plans for the eight strategies the 30-member team asked the action teams for clarification or had questions for the action teams. After the action teams reviewed the 30-member team questions and concerns they revised their strategy accordingly. The 30-member team meet again on Tuesday, March 20 to review the work of the action teams and made final recommendations. 

Dr. Kazmierczak and Angela Nelson, Assistant Principal at WBLAHS North Campus, provided an overview of the Strategic Plan at the March 26 Work-Study School Board Meeting. The Strategic Plan was unanimously approved by the School Board on April 9, 2018.

A video about the Strategic Plan can be found here.

Action Teams
Action Teams comprised of guardians, parents and community members developed action plans for each of the eight strategies (listed below on this page).

Strategic Planning Team
A 30-member team met Sept. 18-20, 2017 and identified draft beliefs, mission, objectives, and strategies. See the information provided to the team here. The team met again in March to review the work of the action teams and make final recommendations.

Omar Ali
Mark Garrison
Bob Morse
Jon Anderson
Don Glover
Marge Newmaster
Robert Anderson
Mike Greenbaum
Sara Paul
Bryan Bear
Tara Jebens-Singh
Joe Remley
Becky Butters
Brandon Johnson
Ashley Rensted
Mitch Cooper
Wayne Kazmierczak
Ellen Richter
Mariel Culhane
Kristen Konop
Tim Schochenmaier
Kathleen Daniels
Monica Kubow
Lisa Setterlund
Kris Erickson
Lindsay Lamwers
Chris Streiff
Mike Fish
Elias Marquez-Gutierrez
Tim Wald

The School Board unanimously approved the Strategic Plan at the April 9, 2018 School Board Regular Meeting.

We believe:
  • Each person has innate value.
  • Service nurtures both community and self.
  • Everyone has the power to design their own future.
  • Respect for diversity is strength.
  • Integrity is fundamental to relationships.
  • Each person has unrealized potential.
  • Communities with shared goals have unlimited potential.
  • We are stewards of the earth.
  • Learning enriches one's quality of life.
  • Everyone has a right to a safe and respectful environment.
  • Challenge leads to innovation and growth.
  • All people deserve unconditional love.

The mission of the White Bear Lake Area School District, the community at the forefront of educational excellence, honoring our legacy and courageously building the future, is to ensure each student realizes their unique talents and abilities, and makes meaningful contributions with local and global impact through a vital system distinguished by:
  • Students who design and create their own future
  • Diversity of people and ideas
  • Safe, nurturing and inspiring environments
  • Exceptional staff and families committed to student success
  • Abundant and engaged community partners

  • 100% of students feel valued.
  • 100% of students accomplish their personalized learning plan.
  • 100% of students are prepared for and implement their design for their future.
  • 100% of students graduate.
  • 100% of students creatively adapt to an ever- changing world.
  • Each student meaningfully contributes to community.

The White Bear Lake Area Schools Strategic Plan consists of the following eight Strategies:
  • We will ensure that each student is the primary agent in their learning.
  • We will provide expanding access to a broad range of opportunities for all students.
  • We will foster community engagement and partnerships.
  • We will build organizational capacity.
  • We will embrace all cultures with humility and respect.
  • We will ensure learning environments enhance students' educational experience.
  • We will engage families as partners in the education of their children.
  • We will ensure the social and emotional growth of our students.

We act on these strategies in order to accomplish our mission and objectives.


Strategic Planning Updates are provided to the School Board consistently throughout the year:

  • October 9, 2017 School Board meeting - The October 9, 2017 School Board presentation can be found here.
  • March 26, 2018 School Board meeting - The March 26, 2018 School Board presentation can be found here.
  • April 9, 2018 School Board meeting - The April 9, 2018 School Board presentation can be found here.