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About Us

The White Bear Lake Area High School Senior Party is planned, funded, organized and run by senior student's parents as a gift to their children. The time, effort and love it takes to put this party together is remarkable. The hundreds of hours required to put this party together is daunting but parent volunteers pull it off year after year. Continue reading...


Parents we need your food donations for the All Night Party. The party is all night and these kids get hungry! Please use this link to sign-up to bring something. Feel free to sign-up for more than one item. Thank you!


2017 All Night Senior Party Volunteer Sign-Up 

Committee Volunteer Descriptions - These are coordinator descriptions but also describe the various volunteer areas needed.

Ticket Sales Volunteers Needed!We need people to sell tickets at school. Please sign-up for a date or two, or three or four.

Tickets for the 2017 All Night Senior Party can be purchased on the following dates at school during lunch or online by following the link below. Tickets are $55 cash and $58 for credit or debit purchases. All money from ticket sales goes directly to the students for prizes and entertainment at the party.

Ticket Sale Dates at School:

Ticket Price $55
Friday, October 7 11:00-1:00
Friday, October 28 11:00-1:00
Friday, November 7 11:00-1:00
Tuesday, November 18 11:00-1:00
Monday, November 21 (conferences) 3:45-5:15
Monday, November 21 (conferences) 5:15-6:45
Tuesday, November 22 (conferences) 3:45-5:15
Tuesday, November 22 (conferences) 5:15-6:45
Friday, December 9 11:00-1:00
Friday, December 16 11:00-1:00
Ticket Price INCREASE $75
Friday, January 13 11:00-1:00
Friday, January 20 11:00-1:00
Friday, February 10 11:00-1:00
Friday, February 17 11:00-1:00
Tuesday, March 7 (conferences) 3:45-5:15
Tuesday, March 7 (conferences) 5:15-6:45
Thursday, March 9 (conferences) 3:45-5:15
Thursday, March 9 (conferences) 5:15-6:45
Friday, March 10 11:00-1:00
Friday, March 24 11:00-1:00
Tuesday, April 10 (conferences) 3:45-5:15
Tuesday, April 10 (conferences) 5:15-6:45
Thursday, April 12 (conferences) 3:45-5:15
Thursday, April 12 (conferences) 5:15-6:45
Friday, April 21 11:00-1:00
Friday, April 28 11:00-1:00
Ticket Price INCREASE $85
Friday, May 5 11:00-1:00
Friday, May 12 11:00-1:00
Friday, May 19 11:00-1:00
Friday, May 26 11:00-1:00
Ticket Price $85 CASH ONLY
Friday, June 2 11:00-1:00

If the student will NOT be 18 the night of the party then Sign Waiver

We need your support to make this HUGE event a success for our Senior Class! Donate below to support the All Night Senior Party. Your donations will go towards entertainment, food and prizes...mostly prizes! We have different levels of giving which will receive special recognition in the White Bear Lake Press Publication. Of course, we will accept anything you are will to give. Thank you for your support!



Senior Party communicates with Senior Parents the following ways:
  • Mailings - Senior Party Newsletter - 2 issues
  • South Campus Bear Family Parent Bulletin email
  • Email List - To receive email announcements, make sure you are on the group list by signing up via this link Email List or sending your email to Your email address will be kept in confidence. Please remember to change the setting on your email so that our e-mails don't end up in your spam account and you miss out on any important information!
  • Website - Check the website frequently for updates and information