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Is It Time for Help?


It is the time of year when families gather and check in on each other.  Perhaps you will be seeing an older loved one for the first in awhile and are wondering how they are really doing, Here are some tips that may help you decide that it is time to get some help. 
  • Your loved one is not grooming herself like you are used to seeing her.
  • Your loved one resists leaving the house.
  • You notice there is a collection of mail building up and bills are not being paid.
  • Pills are on the carpet in your loved one's bedroom where med boxes are kept. 
  • There is not much food in the refrigerator, but snack foods are laying around on the kitchen counter tops.   
The White Bear Area Senior Program is here to help you and yours navigate resources and services.  Please call 651-653-3121 for more information.