Adult Softball
Come and play softball with us at Lakewood Hills Park! We offer a variety of softball options from Men's, Women's, and Co-Rec leagues on a variety of nights throughout the season. Most leagues play double headers.

For more information contact Jon Anderson 651-407-7508 or

 All leagues are currently closed.

Season: May - mid July           Registration: Opens March 1

Men's Leagues
6:15-9:15 pm 55 minute games Playoffs

Wednesday Men's Church
May 2-July 18 $570 / team

Thursday Men's D
May 3-July 12 $705 / team
Women's League
6:15-9:15 pm 55 minute games Playoffs

Tuesday Women's D
May 8-July 17 $500 / team
Co-Rec League
5:15-8:15 pm 55 minute games Playoffs

Sunday Co-Rec
May 6-July 22 $480 / team
League Schedules & Standings
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