Non School Days
Full day FLEX is not offered on non-schools. However, events for middle school students are offered on some non-school days, as well as evenings events, through Community Services. Cost, events, and dates are listed below. Students must register for events to attend. Registration is available online at

Date:  School:  Event: Price: 
September 28 Sunrise Friday Night Live $5
October 18-19 Central Lock-in $39
November 16 Central Friday Night Live $5
November 20 Central Paintball $50
December 28 Central Tubing, Wild Mountain $34
January 4 Central Movie Night FREE
January 18 Sunrise Friday Night Live $5
March 8
Sunrise Friday Night Live
March 14 Central Broomball & Pizza $14
April 5
Armory WBL
Dance $5
April 19 Central Outdoor Survival $39
May 24 Central Movie Night FREE