Join us at the Gym!
Volleyball at North Campus
Basketball at South Campus 

November 7-March 6
Skip Days: Dec 26, Jan 2
  • Wednesday Evenings      7-9 pm   
  • Suggested Donation: $5 per Person / $10 per Family
  • Participants must provide identification to the Open Gym supervisor. 

Oneka Elementary

Family Fun Time
The Oneka gym offers fun for your whole family! A parent/guardian must supervise children at all times. Photo identification is required.

Ages 6 mos-6 yrs  Your youngest children will enjoy refining their coordination, large muscle skills and sensory development with riding toys, a castle jump, basketball, bowling, and more. A separate developmental area for ages 0-2 is also set up. 

Ages 7-12 yrs   Enjoy a multitude of activities and an assortment of gym equipment available for individual or family play.

November 13 - March 7
Skip Days: Dec 26, 28 Jan 18, Feb 22
Tuesday & Thursday   5:30-7:30 pm   $3/child  &  $7/family

November 18- March 3
         Skip Days: Nov 25, Dec 23, 30
Sunday     1:00-5:00 pm     $5/child  &  $10/family

Parent & Child Gym Time at Normandy Park
Families can enjoy activities set up in the gym. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children. Ages 6 mos-5 yrs - before kindergarten

November 7 - March 6
Skip dates: Dec 26
  • Wednesday        5:30-7:30 pm
  • $3/child, $7 max for immediate family